What are Airsoft Upgrades or Custom Airsoft Guns?

What are Airsoft Upgrades or Custom Airsoft Guns?

Upgrading your Airsoft Gun can be as simple as snapping on an attachment or as difficult as opening up your Airsoft Rifle and replacing the internals. Most Airsoft Rifles and Shotguns have a built in rail system, which makes it breeze to add an attachment such as a sight, foregrip, scope, flashlight, laser sight and so on.

All you got to do is to check whether your rail system is either a Picatinny or Weaver style. Picatinny is the standard and is used on most newer Airsoft guns. Both rail systems look almost identical but Picatinny grooves are .206 inches wide and Weaver grooves are .180 inches wide. The good news is that all accessories built to Weaver standards will fit on a Picatinny rail. But if you have Weaver rail however, you can’t use Picatinny accessories, only Weaver accessories.

A lot of people like to upgrade their Airsoft gearbox, which will greatly increase the performance and reliability of your Airsoft gun! This will require you a bit of research and you will have to get your hands dirty. Not all Airsoft guns can be upgraded, so make sure to read the manual that came with your Airsoft gun to get all the details and replacement instructions.

Custom built Airsoft guns are Airsoft guns that are prebuilt by Airsoft experts with several different upgrades. It is a great way to get a maxed out Airsoft gun of your dreams without all the fuss of doing it yourself. Plus, you’ll probably save some money compared to if you bought all the components separately. Check out the amazing Custom Airsoft Guns.


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