How To Maintain Your Nitro Fuel RC Vehicle

How To Maintain Your Nitro Fuel RC Vehicle

Just like with a normal car, you got to regularly maintain your nitro RC car to keep it running strong. If you only drive your nitro RC car once in a while, I would do the following maintenance steps every few months. If you frequently drive your nitro RC car or you really push it to the limit, it would be smart to follow these steps monthly. First things first, remove the body cover from your RC and get a multipurpose cross wrench handy. Here are three simple things you can do to keep your nitro RC car running strong and smoothly:

Clean Your Air Filter

Clearning Your Air Filter

First you need remove the air filter from your vehicle. It looks like a white little sponge in a black wrapper. It should be sitting near your engine. You will also need air filter oil, a small plastic bag, some water and some hand or dish soap.

Oil Filter

Remove the foam from the air filter. Moisten the foam in water and mix in a little dab of soap. Using your fingers, work in the soap until all the black soot is gone. Rinse the soap off the foam and let it dry. Once it is dry, put the filter in a small plastic bag. Add a few drops of the air filter oil. Seal the bag and knead the oil into the foam using your fingers until all the oil has been absorbed. Put the foam back into the filter and you’re all set!

Check The Glow Plug

Glow Plug

You are going to need a big multipurpose cross wrench and a charged glow plug igniter for this one. Remove the glow plug from the engine with the cross wrench (one might of come with your RC car so check your box). Put the wrench on top of your engine and turn it counterclockwise into the slot. Keeping turning and pull up just a little. The glow plug should come right out. Make sure to keep the attached copper washer somewhere safe.

Glow Plug Igniter

To test your glow plug, use a charged glow plug igniter and put the nipple end of the glow plug down into the igniter. If the coil on the glow plug glows white or orange, then congrats! Your glow plug is still good to go! If not, you should replace it before your start racing again. To reinstall the glow plug, make sure you put the copper washer back on it and put the glow plug into the cross wrench. Turn it clockwise back into the appropriate slot on the engine. After you’re done tightly securing it to the engine, you’re all set!

Rotate The Tires

RC Vehicle Tires

This is a real important maintenance routine since it can extend the life of your tires by a great deal! First look carefully at your tires and identify the rotation pattern. Look closely at the tires and determine if they all look all identical or if some are directional.

Next, remove all the tires by unscrewing the wheel nut with a small multipurpose cross wrench. Turn those nuts counterclockwise until the nuts and wheels come off of your RC.

If the tires look identical, rotate the tires the same way you would a 4 wheel drive car. That is, rotate the rear tires to the front and the front tires should be rotated to the opposite corner of the back. See this image for details:

RC Vehicle Tires

If the front and back tires are directional but a different size, you’ll be switching the left and right sides, like in this image:

RC Vehicle Tires

If your tires are directional but also the same size, you’ll be switching them front to back, like this image:

RC Vehicle Tires

Screw back in the wheel nuts into the wheels and screw the wheels back onto to your RC. Now you are truly ready to race!


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