How to Get Into Airsoft

How to Get Into Airsoft

When you were first getting into Airsoft, you may have borrowed one from a friend or received one in our free monthly giveaways (shameless plug). Now it's time to step it up. You've played for a while and you know what you like. You have some hard earned cash that you're looking to lay down for a sweet Airsoft gun. You've got a couple different options depending on how much cash you have and your experience level.

Affordable: These usually take the form of most spring guns and electric pistols. If you just want to take one little step into the Airsoft world, this is the way to go. While they may not hold up against the more powerful electric rifles, they can still pack a punch and are easily replaceable at their lower price point. Even most of the more experienced players carry a spring or electric pistol as a secondary or backup weapon on the field. Grab a few of these and see what you like, it may give you a good idea of what you might like at a higher price point.

CO2/Gas Guns: These tend to be pistols and rifles that pack a kick. These guns are recommended for more experienced players since they can run a bit higher in price and require an additional investment with the green gas or CO2. One of the best features about these types of guns is that a lot of them are blowback. Although it expends more gas than a non-blowback, the end result could net your some great cred on the field. The only drawback to these types of guns is the constant changing out of CO2 canisters can be a bit annoying, as is lugging around green gas.

Electric Guns: If you really want to make sure you aren't a newbie on the field, getting a solid electric Airsoft rifle is the way to go. Getting a reliable G&G may be a bit pricey up front but there are many mid-range brands that are great guns to tide you over until you can pick one of the higher end ones. Electric Airsoft guns last a long time and only need a battery charge to get going, plus, carrying around extra batteries isn't anywhere near as cumbersome as gas or CO2. Every player on the field is going to be carrying around an electric rifle of some sort, so the sooner you get one, the more effective player you're going to be.

So no option above is the exact right place to start. It all depends on your budget and what you like. For instance, I really dig gas revolvers. They aren't exactly practical, per se, but the feel of them can be a ton of fun.

One last thing to consider. Is this just for fun with your friends? Or are you a serious player? You can't go wrong with any choice when you're just messing around with your friends, but if you're looking to play with a group and get serious, then just pay attention to what others are lugging around and ask them questions. They'll probably even let you hold and shoot their gun a bit so that you can get a feel for it and see if you like it. And whatever gun(s) you do decide to get, make sure to practice safety first.


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