How To Fly A Remote Control Helicopter

How To Fly A Remote Control Helicopter

Congrats! You got a nice brand spanking new RC helicopter and now it's time to fly it! But hold up! You don't want to crash and break it on the maiden voyage, do ya? Even the toughest most durable RC helicopters are notoriously fragile, so you gotta be extra careful when flying it. Before you get started, always fully charge your RC helicopter's battery for the best performance. Also, never ever fly it around people or animals! Follow these simple steps and soon you'll be flying with ease:

  1. Ok, so you got your RC helicopter all charged up and ready to fly. First, take a look at your RC transmitter. Every transmitter is a little different but it should look something like the picture below. If your RC helicopter has more than three channels, your RC transmitter will have several more buttons. But don't worry about that for now, let's stick with the basics! The joystick on the left should be the throttle which can only move up and down. This controls the flying height of your RC helicopter. The joystick on the right is the rudder. This this should control the forward and backward movement of your RC helicopter. Take note that on some models, the throttle and rudder joystick are swapped. You should also see a dial somewhere which controls the trim, but we'll get more into that later.

    Remote Control Helicopter Controls

  2. Okay, you got everything ready to go, so it's time to take off! Place your RC helicopter on a flat surface and make sure you're in a fairly open area. Switch on your RC helicopter and transmitter. If you are outdoors, don't fly if it is windy and if you are indoors, turn down the lights a notch because they might interfere with the IR receiver. Step away from the RC helicopter and slowly, gradually push the throttle upward until it is hovering a few inches from the ground.

    RC Helicopter Hover

  3. Your RC helicopter should now be hovering in a single spot. It is drifting to the right or the left, adjust the trim slightly. Subsequently, small adjustments to the trim during flight will make your RC helicopter drift left or right.

    RC Helicopter Drifting

  4. Keep pushing the throttle up and watch as your RC helicopter goes up to a higher altitude. You'll notice that as the RC helicopter goes higher, it will have increased air resistance. Because of this, you'll have to make greater adjustments to get the same performance you did as near the ground. Alternate flying close to the ground a high up to get a good feel of this principle.

    RC Helicopter Flying

  5. Try slightly moving the rudder joystick to the right or left and watch your RC helicopter change direction. Try flying in a straight line first, then a complete circle. Once you mastered that, try a full 360 degree turn or a figure eight move!

    RC Helicopter Circles

  6. Once you are ready to land, find a nice flat spot, make sure the RC helicopter is level and slowly push the throttle down until it lands. Don't push it too hard or your RC helicopter will smash against the ground!

    RC Throttle

  7. That should help get you started! As the old say goes: "Practice makes perfect!" Just be patient and keep your movements slow and smooth. You'll flying like a pro in no time!


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