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How do I place an order?

You may call in via phone (818) 675-9000 and have a live customer service representative place the order for you, or simply add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

I have returned my item, when can I expect a response/exchange?

Returns generally take 2-3 weeks to process a return after it is received. Sometimes a little bit longer. You will be contacted via email once any action has taken place. If it has been longer than usual, please contact customer service at (818) 675-9000. Our office hours are Mon-Fri. 8am-12pm, and 1pm-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

My order has not been shipped yet, how can I cancel.

Per our policy reasons we are not able to cancel any pending orders that are currently processing in the warehouse. You will have to refuse the package when it is to be delivered or follow the RMA (return merchandise authorization) process on our website located under the "Contact Us" page.

I am located outside the U.S., how do I place an order?

We do not ship outside the U.S., sorry for the inconvenience.

Is your Site Secured for Credit Cards?

Yes our site is 100% safe and secure through the use of 256-bit SSL Certificate. We also protect against possible fraudulent charges on your credit card. We will never sell or give unauthorized access to your personal information

What products are non refundable?

You cannot return any Magic items, Transmitter Kits, Robot Kits, or Nitro Fuel

How do I place an order with a money order/check?

Please add the item(s) to the cart as if you were going to purchase online, then print out the shopping cart page. Continue to check out and fill in all the information needed and print out the billing and shipping info page, after completing that, simply mail in both pages along with the money order/check to:

28904 Avenue Paine
Valencia, CA 91355

I tried to call customer service, but they are closed. How can I get a hold of someone?

You may call to speak with a representative via phone at (818) 675-9000 or via live chat during our regular business hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Fri. Pacific Standard Time, or you may submit an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

How old do I have to be to place an order online?

All customers must be 18 years of age or older to place an order.

My item is defective, my item is unopened or I received the wrong item, how do I return it?

Please go to our RMA Form and fill out a request for an RMA (Return of Merchandise Authorization) number. If you are requesting an RMA number for multiple items on an order, please include them all on the same RMA form. The form will ask you questions about your order. We will review it and authorize your return, responding via email. The e-mail will have instructions for sending it back to us or the manufacturer.

My order is still processing, when will it ship?

We are a time and transit company, which includes when the order is shipped, not when the order is placed. All orders generally take 2-3 business days to process, sometimes a little bit longer. You will get a conformation email with the tracking information as soon as it has been shipped. You will be notified if the order is placed on back order.

My order is on back order, when will it ship?

Back orders usually ship within 15-20 business days. You will be emailed if there is a delay or if the package has been shipped.

My order was damaged in shipping, what do I have to do?

We apologize on behalf of FedEx. You have 24 business hours to contact FedEx and refuse the package. If it has already been past 24 business hours, please go to /rma and fill out a request for an RMA (Return of Merchandise Authorization) number. If you are requesting an RMA number for multiple items on an order, please include them all on the same RMA form. The form will ask you questions about your order. We will review it and authorize your return, responding via email. The e-mail will have instructions for sending it back to us.

I broke my item, and I need replacement parts, where can I get them?

We currently do not offer any replacement parts. Please try any local hobby store, or www.google.com for the specific part that you need or try your local hobby store

An Item I want to order is out of stock, when will it be available again?

We get new shipments in every 1-2 weeks, please feel free to follow up with us then to see if the item you would like to purchase is available at that time.

How can I receive special discounts and coupons?

Please sign up for our newsletters located on our main web page.

Mini Orion Troubleshooting

My drone turns on but will not take off

It’s likely that your battery is not fully charged. Partially charging the battery will not result in the expected flying experience. Please give each battery a full charge before attempting to fly the drone. Q: My drone flies but it’s difficult to control and does not fly straight. A: The drone’s stability is controlled by a gyroscope. Each time the drone is paired to the remote, the gyroscope is calibrated. It is absolutely essential that your drone is placed on a level, flat surface during the process of pairing it to the remote. Once you turn the drone one, place it on a level, flat surface before turning on the remote control. This should provide for the best flight.

My LCD screen is fuzzy or wavy during flight

The LCD screen must be charged separately. Partial charging can result in poor screen performance. Ensure that the screen is fully charged before each flight session. Additionally, the screen reception will decrease as the drone reaches the outer limits of its flight range. Always be careful to fly the drone within the recommended flight range and within comfortable controlling distance. Q: My remote control doesn’t steer the drone the way the instructions indicated. A: Your drone is equipped with an “easy” mode. Sometimes this is referred to as “headless” mode. This sets the controls to always treat the side facing away from you as the “front” of the drone. This means that you do not have to pay attention to which direction the drone is actually facing. However, this can be confusing if you’re used to operating the drone in the normal mode. If you find that the drone isn’t operating the way you expect, check to see that the easy mode is not enabled. You can toggle in and out of easy mode simply by pushing the button.

My return assist doesn’t work the way I anticipated

Return assist is intended to assist you in getting the drone back to roughly the location of the remote control. However, return assists does not have a collision avoidance feature. Therefore it will be unable to avoid colliding with objects between you and the drone. Additionally, strong winds can impact the accurate operation of the return assist.

When I push the auto pilot button the drone does not take off.

Autopilot will land the drone for you. During takeoff, autopilot simply turns the motors on to simplify the starting process. At that point, you need to increase throttle by pushing up on the left joystick to take off.

Does the drone have a hover mode?

The drone will hover at its current altitude simply by releasing the left joystick. You will still need to use the right joystick to control the lateral movement of the drone, but it will remain relatively stable at its present altitude. It is important to note that the drone makes minor adjustments to maintain altitude. Therefore, there will be subtle fluctuations of altitude while hovering. Outside you may not notice these fluctuations, but if you are flying in a tight space, it is advisable to actively control the altitude of your drone rather than relying solely on hover mode.

Where do the photos and videos record?

The photos and videos are recorded to a small chip called a micro-sd card that is included with your drone. This chip should be inserted into the back of the camera until you hear a click. Once the photos and videos are recorded, this chip can be inserted directly into certain phones and tablets for file transfer. If you are not able to insert the chip into your phone or tablet, we include a USB adaptor for your computer. Simply insert the chip into the usb adaptor and then insert the adaptor into any USB port on your computer. Open the folder that appears on your desktop and find the photo and video files. Drag those files onto the desktop of your computer for viewing.

How long do I charge my RC Battery?

DO NOT over-charge your battery!

To determine what is the ideal time to charge your battery, please follow the steps and formula below.

1. Determine the mAh of your charger. (Eg. 100mAh)
2. Determine the mAh of your battery. (Eg. 300mAh)
3. Divide the mAh of your battery by the mAh of your charger. (Eg. 300mAh/100mAh= 3)
4. The resulting number is how many hours you should charge your battery for peak charge. Charging any longer or overnight will void your warranty, it could set your battery on fire, and it will make it so that your battery doesn't hold as long of a charge in the future.

Take care of your battery and your battery will take care of you.

What is the difference between 3CH, 4CH, 6CH or more?

1. 3CH Forward, Reverse, Left and Right Turn
2. 3.5CH The GYRO helps your trim not need to be adjusted as the battery runs down.
3. 4CH Forward, Reverse, Left and Right Turn, Slide Left and Right
4. 6CH All above as well as Main Blade Pitch and Rotor Speed. Full 3D flight.
5. 7CH+ All Above and IC Engine Mixing Control and Scale Effects. Full 3D flight.

What is a Gyro?

A Gyro is an electronic stabilizer that makes flying RC Helicopters much easier to do. Since it stabilizes the Helicopter you will be able to learn how to fly a Helicopter much easier and you will be less likely to crash.

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