Top Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make

Top Mistakes New Pilots Make

All the tips and tricks to make you a better drone pilot.

Not Bringing Sunglasses


You can underestimate the value of a simple pair of sunglasses. There is nothing worse than flying your drone and not being able to see the drone or see the screen of your FPV controller.  It’s the simplest thing you can do to up your piloting game!

Drone Flying

You don’t need anything to fancy, and it helps to maybe even keep a spare in your drone gear bag!

Not Getting In Practice First

Drone Course

You may have heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect”, well it can’t be more than true for drone piloting! Practicing simple maneuvers will help take your piloting to the next level. Try setting up a course you can fly through!

Drone Course 2

It’s something simple you can do in your backyard! Setting up simple things to fly around will also help you practice these maneuvers.

Drone Course 3

You can build a course out of simple things. Foam noodles make a great start to a drone obstacle course! You can make them into all sorts of shapes and size obstacles! You can also use hula hoops to make obstacles to fly through and around as well.

Drone Course 4

Last but not least for your backyard practice course don’t forget your marking flags! You can pick these up at any simple hardware store! These can help you keep track of where your course is.

Drone Course 5

Not Knowing The Laws

Drone Laws

You don’t want to be out flying having fun and have some sort of hold up with law enforcement.

FAA Drone Laws

You should take proper time before you fly to research the laws in your area to see what is and is not legal to do while flying.

Drone Meme

It’s as simple as going online and searching keywords like drone, laws, and your state.  You can even go onto the FAA Website and search your state specifically! You always want to make sure you are well informed before you get into the air.

No Drone Zone

Also, you want to make sure you look before you take off. “No Drone” Signs have become increasingly popular lately, so make sure to take a look around before liftoff.

Drone Range

Knowing all the laws and restrictions of where you will be flying is extremely beneficial to you as a pilot.

Not Practicing In An Open Area

Drone Range

Most new pilots are in such a rush to get out and get flying that they just want to fly anywhere, but that’s not necessarily the best way to get started. Find yourself a large open area like a field or parking lot to get familiar with your drone for the first few times.

Drone Range

The benefits of practicing in an open field or parking lot are great for beginners! You can get the feel of your drone and get used to piloting it without having to worry about running into anything.

Drone Range

Make sure to check your surroundings while flying to stay away from power lines or any other overhead obstructions.

Not Reading The Owners Manual Or Instruction Booklet

Drone Manual

The most common mistake by new pilots and it’s an easy one to make is not reading the owner’s manual. This is such a simple mistake and such an easy one to correct.

All you have to do is READ THE MANUAL!

So simple yet so many people just throw them to the side! Your manual is going to tell you everything from troubleshooting to set up the operation of your drone.

Not Bringing Extra Parts And Batteries With You While Flying

Drone Parts

Most of you are thinking, “Isn’t this common sense?”, However, a lot of first time flyers always forget to bring extra parts with them while they are out flying.

Batteries! Are Important!

Drone Batteries

Considering most beginner drones have an average flight time of 7-15 minutes, make sure you have plenty of extra batteries on hand so you are ready to continue flying instead of having to pack up and go home after one or two flights. has a large selection of extra batteries and replacement parts.

Always Have Extra Propellers!

Drone Propellers

A broken propeller and no replacement props is a combo that will quickly end your day of flying!

Drone Broken Propeller

Sometimes you’ll have a bad crash, and that’s ok! This is why replacement parts are made!

Crashed Drone

Drones Are A Great Hobby!

They take a little time to master, but if you follow these simple tips and tricks you should be a master pilot in no time!

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