Top 5 Coolest Toys

Mini Allosaurus RC Toy

You have to admit, there are some amazing toys out there.  Pop into any giant retail store and you can find the shelves littered with hundreds of imaginative high tech wonders that the youngin’s will love.  Too many choices can become a hassle in itself!  But never fear, I got some ideas for you!

There are a lot of fun toys that are perfect for any kid or the kid in you! The following list describes my personal Top 5 Toys that you can find on Hobbytron:

1) World Tech Toys Megahauler

World Tech Toys Megahauler

Should you get a RC Helicopter or a RC Truck?  Get em’ both in one sleek package with the Megahauler!  Best of all, both are controlled by the same transmitter!    The RC Helicopter has 3 channel control and a gyro for stability.  The RC Truck has real rubber tires and the RC Helicopter can rest in the cargo bed.  Try landing the RC Helicopter on the moving RC Truck for an extra fun challenge!


  • RC Truck And RC Truck Combo
  • RC Helicopter Has 3.5 Channels And An Internal Gyro
  • RC Truck Has Real Rubber Tires And Holds The RC Helicopter

2) T-90 VS M1A2 RC Tank Pack

T-90 VS M1A2 RC Tank Pack

Everyone loves laser tag.  Now you can play it anytime at home with these RC Tanks!  These RC Tanks are pretty solid as well with full function control and recoil action after every shot.  These all have a score function, so if you get shot too many times your RC Tank will shut down.


  • VS Battle Mode
  • Recoil Action
  • Easy To Control

3) Angry Birds Air Swimmers RC Blimp

Angry Birds Air Swimmers RC Blimp

You’ve played the game, now you can play Angry Birds in real life!  Blow this sucker up and you can fly it around in every direction.  Setup some cardboard boxes, fill em’ up with piggys and knock em’ down!


  • Easy To Assemble And Fly
  • Multi Directional Controls
  • Officially Licensed

4) King Force RC Crane

King Force RC Crane

Face it, whether you are a little boy or not, construction toys are way cool! At 31 inches tall, this thing is about as tall as your child!  Watch them as they put their smaller toys into wench and spin it around the room.


  • Big Size!
  • Crane Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Winch Lowers And Rises

5) Mini Allosaurus RC Toy

Mini Allosaurus RC Toy

Dinosaurs are awesome!!  And haven’t you always wanted to control a dinosaur?  You can now with this RC Allosaurus!  Terrorize your other toys with a moving head/tail, lights and real dino sounds! Rawr rawr, you’re a dinosaur!!


  • Head And Tail Moves
  • Real Dinosaur Sounds
  • LED Lights

What kind of Toys bring you to state of childlike excitement?  Don’t forget to check out all the great Toys they sell at Hobbytron.