Top 5 Airsoft AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) Of 2013

AEGs are the most common type of Airsoft guns on the field, so you are going to need one!  A good quality high performance AEG Airsoft Rifle will be your main weapon on the Airsoft field.  If you want an Airsoft gun that will last, you’ll need to spend at least around $75-$100.  If you want an elite Airsoft rifle that is ready for upgrades and ready to dominate the field, you should spend at least $175-$250.  So yeah, this is a big investment so you’ll need to consider your options wisely.

There are a lot of great Airsoft AEGs on the market and it took me a lot of time to narrow down my favorites to a mere five.  But no worries, I would do anything for you dear reader!  The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite Airsoft AEGs on Hobbytron:

1)      Lancer Tactical AK-47U Airsoft Rifle


Short, sleek, sheik and cheap!  This lil’ shawty is high quality and ready to rock.  300 rounds not enough for you?  This pint sized beast comes with a 600 round magazine.  With a fold out stock and a full metal gearbox, this AEG is a real steal!!


  • Full Metal Version Gearbox
  • One Piece Hop-up System
  • 1:1 Scale With Realistic Detailing
  • Durable Polymer Construction

2)  FirePower M14 Airsoft Assault Rifle


For a full featured Airsoft rifle with a price way under $100, you can’t go wrong with the Firepower M4 Airsoft Assault Rifle.  With an integrated rail system plus a 380 high capacity magazine, you’ll be able to run circles around other Airsoft players with $150 M4s.  Also, with all the money you saved on this Airsoft rifle, you can spend a little more for a nice scope and maybe a foregrip!


  • High Quality Plastic Construction
  • Integrated Rail System
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • 380 Round High Capacity Magazine

3) Elite Force H&K MP5-A4 Airsoft SMG


If you want your loadout to have more of a SWAT feel, then this is the Airsoft SMG for you.  This small guy has all the features of its M4 cousin but with a more compact size.  With a small 200 round high capacity magazine, this Airsoft SMG is awesome for breaching rooms and covering your teammates.


  • Authentic Replica
  • Full Metal Barrel
  • Full Metal Gearbox
  • Adjustable Rear Sight

4) Mini M4A1 Assault Rifle Collapsible Stock Airsoft Rifle


If you aren’t sure if Airsoft for you, this would be a worthy AEG to tryout.  It’s a good small, light , super super inexpensive and no frills Airsoft M4. Try it out for yourself and see if Airsoft is a worthy investment of your time and money.


  • Plastic Construction
  • Semi And Full Auto Firing Modes
  • Collapsible Stock

5)  Umarex H&K 416C Licensed Airsoft Rifle


Straight from the hit movie Zero Dark Thirty, this expensive Airsoft rifle will make you king of the field.  It has a real 1:1 scale size and weight matches that of the real thing!  I really can’t say anything bad about this monstrous mamma jamma except for the price, but that is to be expected.  If you want the ultimate Airsoft rifle and have money to burn, then this is gun for you!


  • Full Metal Construction
  • Licensed H&K Trademarks
  • Retractable Stock
  • Integrated Rail System
  • Semi/Full Auto Firing Modes

Thanks for reading and I would love to know what you guys love to shoot.  Don’t forget to check out all the great AEG Airsoft Guns they sell at Hobbytron here: