Quadcopter: 3 Things you Need to Know

Helicopters, Drones, Airplanes, Quadcopters? What does it all mean? This week we’re clearing the confusion on the very popular quadcopter. This has got to be one of the newest, trendiest, and most popular kinds of drone for sale. If you’re interested, we’ll bring you three things you must know about quadcopters.

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5 helpful things you should know before buying a quadcopter

Quadcopters are pretty awesome; they will never disappoint, that is unless you crash it to a tree, than that’s all on you (just saying). Though often confused with drones, quadcopters are one of the most popular types of drones, easily noticeable by its four rotor design.

We want you to have the best quadcopter flying experience, and that might mean learning a few things or two about quadcopters in general. You might look at this list of tips and think “doy!”, but believe us when we say that sometimes even the most face-palming facts can be the most overlooked. So here goes….patience please!

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RC Drones at Hobbytron

Brand new RC drones are now available at Hobbytron. You will find Drones of many sizes, prices and channels.

These are great for hobbyists that want to get more out of their flight. With 4CH complete control you can fly these drones in all directions. Plus add a camera mount to the drone and recorded your flight, perfect for photography and videography.

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Top 5 RC Helicopters

World Tech Toys Colossus Metal 3.5CH RC Helicopter

It’s no secret that the popularity of RC Helicopters has been on the rise over the years.  But with such a wide variety of RC Helicopters there, it can be difficult for the layperson to find the perfect one.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive indoor RC helicopter perfect for kids or a multi feature outdoor super copter made for hobbyists, it can be confusing to find the perfect heli.   Just remember, the most expensive option is not always the best, you need to think about the skill and enthusiasm level of the person who will be flying the heli.  The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite RC helicopters on Hobbytron: Continue reading…