Marvel Iron Man Licensed RC Toy Series

Are you a fan of RC Toys and Iron Man? Guess what? World Tech Toys and Marvel have teamed up to bring this series to life. In this exclusive series of toys (sold at you can adventure with Iron Man as many versions of RC Helicopters or Drones! Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more.

Here at, we sell 7 different exclusively Iron Man RC Toys! Here is what each toy offers and what they run for (just in case you want to buy one).

Marvel Licensed Avengers Iron Man RC Helicopter

Iron Man Helicopter

This Helicopter has a super strong polymer frame and a built-in gyro, making it super easy to fly. Great for people of all skill levels, the RC Helicopter features a coaxial rotor, a single rear rotor for precise movement, and a gyro for increased stability whether flying or hovering. Controlling the helicopter is a breeze! It can go forward, backward, up, down, left, right, and hover. This awesome ready to fly copter comes at the great price of $69.95!

Marvel Licensed Iron Man Herocopter

Iron Man Mini Helicopter

This easy to fly RC Heli features 2 channel IR control and is ready to fly. With the awesome LED light, you can signal for the Avengers and finally put a stop to Ultron for good. Fly high and save the world with the Marvel Licensed World Tech Toys Iron Man Herocopter 2CH IR RTF RC Helicopter. You can get yours today for the great price of $24.95!

Marvel Licensed Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Helicopter

Iron Man Figure Helicopter

Suit up your new gear, Iron Avenger, and join the battle to save the planet with this Official Marvel Comics Licensed World Tech Toys Iron Man 2CH IR RC Helicopter. Fight back the forces of evil with this new RC Helicopter featuring awesome LED Lights and the choice of 3 distinct Heroic Action Phrases approved by Stark Industries! It also features 2 channel and IR control. This great helicopter comes ready to fly right out of the box for the great price of $29.95!

Iron Man and Age of Ultron Iron Man Helicopter Bundle

Iron Man Helicopter Bundle

What’s better than one RC Helicopter? Two of course! In this awesome bundle, you’ll get the Iron Man Herocopter and the Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Helicopter for an unbeatable price of $39.95!

Marvel Licensed Avengers Iron Man RC Super Drone

Full Size Iron Man Quadcopter

When Iron Man needs more than just the suit, he calls for the Super Drone! Powered by 4 rotors and made from a durable and lightweight foam body, the Super Drone is tons of fun and easy to fly even for beginners.  Try out the flip stunt mode with the push of a button and wow your friends and family by performing amazing stunts like loops, rolls, flips, and even upside down flight! Experience all the fun of this full size drone for only $149.95 with free shipping!

Marvel Licensed Avengers Iron Man Sky Hero

Iron Man Sky Hero

The Sky Hero Drone is powered by 4 rotors and made from a durable and lightweight plastic polymer body. Enjoy complete flight control with a smooth 6-axis gyro and a 2.4GHz, 4.5CH transmitter, equipped with a LCD interference so you can see valuable flight information. Put your flight skills to the test by trying out the awesome flip stunt mode with a push of a button. You can shop this great drone at $69.95!

Marvel Licensed Iron Man Micro Drone

Iron Man Micro Drone

Last but not least, we’ve got an awesome Iron Man Micro Drone that can fit in the palm of your hand! At just over 3 inches long, this little guy packs a big punch. When you want to impress your friends just press the “Stunt Mode” button on the 2.4GHz transmitter and you can easily perform awesome flips and spins. Adding to the already impressive list of features, are built-in LED lights and 3 different speed modes.  This drone is one of the best deals of the bunch, coming in at $39.95!

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