Hoverboard How to in 6 Steps

We know you probably got one of the Hottest Holiday Gifts of 2015 for Christmas, but we still see some people failing at riding their new Hoverboard. Now that you’ve had your Hoverboard for a couple of months, we think it is time to master your new self-balancing scooter. Keep reading to find out how (and how not) to ride your Hoverboard.

We’re going to make sure that riding your Hoverboard will be as easy as riding your bike. After learning the basic how-to’s of Hoverboard riding, you should be able to ride your board in your sleep no problem! Before you hop on your board, check off this list:

√ Hoverboard is fully charged

√ Hoverboard turns on correctly

√ Hoverboard is calibrated. For instructions, refer to your owner’s manual

√ If you are a beginner, be in an environment with a safe, soft landing

√ If possible, have a something sturdy on either side of you to grab onto, just incase you fall

Next up, step up and ride your Hoverboard:

Most people fall the most just trying to get on. Since this device is based on your balance, you must feel comfortable and have the right approach. Follow these rules when getting on:

Step 1: Figure out your dominant foot

Hoverboard Mount

Before stepping on your board, try standing on one leg to figure out which foot is your dominant foot. If you place your dominant foot on your hoverboard first, you’ll be able to control your board easier.

Step 2: Lightly place your second foot on your board and stand straight up

Hoverboard Stand up

Once you have both feet on your board, refrain from standing with bent knees or looking down in front of you. Whichever direction your body is aiming is where your board will go. If you stand up-right, you have a smaller chance of falling instantly. It helps if you approach your board with a comfortable wide stance to make you feel most balanced.

Step 3:Practice guiding your hoverboard forward and backward

Hoverboard Turns

To get more comfortable with turning maneuvers, guide your hoverboard forward and backwards in small movements. This will also help you decide whether or not you feel more comfortable using your ankles or body weight to guide your board.

Step 4: Master turns

Hoverboard Fall

Turning may be a little complicated at first, but once you master the foot tilt, you’ll be a pro. Use your feet to help you turn. If you’d like to turn left, learn your left foot farther than your right to accomplish your turn. Try the same thing with your right foot to complete a right turn.

Step 5: Try new terrains

Hoverboard Terrain

Hoverboards keep their charge longest when they are on slick flooring like laminate or smooth cement. Although you won’t get a full 10 mile ride, you can try riding in grass, carpet, gravel, or even smooth dirt. Each terrain will give you a different feel and ride. Find which one you enjoy most!

Step 6: Learn to stop

Hoverboard Stop

All hoverboards have a maximum tilt that can hold your weight and speed. If you are tilting too far and going too fast, your board will begin to beep. If you exceed the tilt and speed, the motors will shut off and you’ll be thrown off. To keep from getting any injuries, simply lean back a little so that your tilt and speed decrease. When you know your ride is coming to an end, step off your board to the back, not the front. By stepping to the back, you are decreasing your tilt and your board from continuing to move forward. If you step forward, your board will continue to tilt and move forward, leaving a higher chance of your board running you over or causing you to trip and fall.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, we want to see what you’ve got! Hashtag #HobbyTronHoverboard on Instagram to show us any awesome videos or pictures of you riding your Hoverboard. Don’t have one yet? Check out our wide selection of New and Refurbished Hoverboards here →http://www.hobbytron.com/Hoverboards.html

To leave you in a great mood, we decided we would include some of the funniest Hoverboard fails there are. Don’t feel bad if this has happened to you, it happens to everyone!

Hoverboard Fall

Hoverboard Fall

Hoverboard Fall

Hoverboard Fall

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    Overall I’d love to have one , I’m getting old and hard to walk ,could make it easier to get around, Love ❤ it!

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