HobbyTron Free Monthly Giveaway: Airsoft Edition

We know everyone loves Airsoft, you guys make that known every day with your purchases. So we decided to listen to what our fans want and so this months free giveaway is the Swiss Arms Airsoft Pistol! Head on over to our site to grab it right now at the low low price of FREE!

If you’re an Airsoft fan, you can’t go wrong with this package since it not only includes the gun but BB’s and two magazines! If you haven’t stepped into the world of Airsoft, now is the time to do it! So head on over to our site and grab the gun here!


  1. william martin   •  

    I love this i told my frinds about it to and there moms are going by thim one

  2. jeremy   •  

    I have orterd my guns from you guys didst I love them so thankyou

  3. Brent   •  

    I want to do this it sounds great

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