Giveaway Winners to Celebrate!

     Every week we host a giveaway to reward our amazing fans. You all work really hard to like, comment, and share your enthusiasm for each giveaway week after week. This week, we felt like doing something a little different by announcing the winners through our blog! Want to see if you’re one of our lucky winners? Keep reading.

First Giveaway Winner

This lucky person will win our Envision Camera RC Spy Drone. Drum roll please…

Giveaway Winner Envision Camera RC Spy Drone

Congratulations Machelle Warner-Dykes! You’re the lucky winner of this week’s big prize. Please message us your email address on Facebook so we can send you your prize!

Second Giveaway Winner

Next up is our $50 gift card winner. Way to go David Swim, you’ve won! Please message us your email address on Facebook 👍

Giveaway Winner for $50 gift card

Curious to see what’s on the giveaway menu for next week? We’re caught up in a Drone phase and we know you are too! We will be giving away a X12 Space Explorer Camera RC Spy Drone! For a head start for next week’s contest, you can share this blog using the “Share story” buttons all the way at the end of this post!


Want to see some of our previous winners and prizes? Visit our new “Giveaway” page and give it a like →

Have any suggestions for items you think we should giveaway? Let us know, your suggestion just might happen 😃

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