Drone racing is here

So you did your homework, selected the right drone that complimented your sick or beginner skills, and you’ve even named it. Yes: named it. Now that you’ve given your beloved drone a couple of laps around the park, and now that you have been appropriately deemed as the “drone guy” (or ‘drone chick’) by locals, it is time to take it to the next level. As, in street level.

We’re talking about drone racing, and though it has been the talk of many blogs, vlogs and whatnot, drone racing is officially here, and it looks like it’s ready to stay. Now that drone racing is no longer a thing of the future but something of the present, it’s time to give you a rundown about what drone racing actually is.


Like most sports that consist of “racing”, drone racing is as simple as trying to see if you are faster than your opponent. Though the overall sport is simple to understand, the fundamentals of choosing the right racing drone can get a little tricky. Does a transmitter or GHz count matter when it comes to actual racing? How does a mini drone hold itself against a regularly sized drone? The questions are endless, which is why Hobbytron is here to guide you, making sure that your drone questions are met and that you are equipped with the best drone for any racing challenge.

Things to keep in mind, though: Drone racing is fun, but it can also be illegal in your region. Officials are really cracking down on drone hobbyist, which is why it is important you look into whether drones are allowed in your region, and if so are there are any regulations you should be aware of? Be sure to look into this before really committing to drone racing, because as we said: drone racing is here to stay.


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