The Different Airsoft Roles on the Field

When playing airsoft with your squad it is crucial that everyone has a prominent role on the field so you are able to complete the objective and eliminate enemies quickly and efficiently. Learn about some of the common roles on the airsoft field and see which role applies to you most.

Common Roles in Airsoft

Both Close-Quarters & Military Simulation


The leader is essentially the commander of the group. He or she will come up with the general game plan before the start of a match to position the rest of the team in their most effective locations on the field. The leader will also assign a main task or objective to each role.


Mainly Close-Quarters


The anchor is the one that generally stays in the back and lays down cover fire for the rest of the team to move forward. Depending on the size of your squad, it is good to have 2-3 anchors (left, right, middle). With the anchor firing down the field, the opposing team cannot advance forward, giving your team the advantage to move forward first and take cover where the enemy team least suspects.

Mainly Close-Quarters


The rusher is generally the fastest player on your team. He or she is the one that will run up as far as they can to capture the objective or run up and take cover where the enemy team least expects it. This allows them to be in a position that catches the opposing team off guard and can even make for a great flank around the enemies. Rushers are quick and nimble. They have a higher chance of getting taken out right away, but if they can get behind good cover, they could also be the one to eliminate the most players.

Mainly Military Simulation


The sniper stays towards the back and hidden in cover either by shrubbery or a small barrier. With a sniper, you will get much farther range than with a pistol or even a rifle. Sniper rifles can range down the entire field sometimes! Snipers typically lay down to have more control of where they are shooting. The sniper rifle is highly accurate, but since it shoots much slower than a pistol or rifle, the sniper must take each shot carefully.

Mainly Military Simulation


The support role carries the most ammunition on the field and generally will carry a light machine gun. He or she acts almost as an anchor for close-quarters battles, but the support role can either move up faster or stay in the back. Support will lay down cover fire for the rest of the team while still moving up slowly. Since they are carrying a heavier gun that is not too easy to maneuver around corners, rushing up is not ideal.


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