Cause we’re all thinking it: How to fly a drone the right way

In this segment of “Cause we’re all thinking it” we would like to address the question you’ve been asking in your head but are too afraid to say out-loud cause people are kind of cruel- How to you fly a drone.

Technology is a tricky thing, that doesn’t come naturally to most people, because it’s, well, not natural. The recent boom in technology advances and new versions and tools for almost anything that has ever been invented makes it difficult to navigate the newest gadgets. So its okay if you don’t know much about drones or quadcopters, or how they work. Truthfully, the idea of controlling something that actually flies, especially at the speed some of these drones are now being programmed as, can be intimidating, which is why we gave a run-through of what you need to know about drones, what their different parts do, and how to fly them. It’s okay to cry tears of relief.





Controls: This is what you need to know about those intimidating buttons

Roll: The roll control literally rolls the drone

Pitch: This tilts the drone forward and backward

Yaw: This one is kinda important- the Yaw rotates the quadcopter by spinning one of the rotor in one direction and slowing down the rotors spinning in the other direction.

Throttle: This controls the up and down axis of the drone by speeding up or slowing down the rotors (your choice of speed, really).


Stabilization: There are 3 types of drone stabilization, here’s a rundown of what they are

Manual: This is also called the rate, hard, or Arco.

Attitude: Also called “self-level” or “Auto-level”.

GPS-hold: Also called “Loiter”.







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