Giveaway Winners to Celebrate!

     Every week we host a giveaway to reward our amazing fans. You all work really hard to like, comment, and share your enthusiasm for each giveaway week after week. This week, we felt like doing something a little different by announcing the winners through our blog! Want to see if you’re one of our lucky winners? Keep reading.

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Three Easy Steps to Getting Featured on

Are you excited about your new purchase or gift from HobbyTron? We are definitely excited to see that you have our items! We are so excited, that we are giving away a $5 gift card to EVERYONE who posts a picture on Instagram with hashtag #HobbyTronFan now until 12/31/15! Does this sound a little complicated or confusing? Below are our three easy steps to getting featured and earning your $5 gift card prize. Continue reading…

Six Easy Ways to Earn HobbyTron Rewards Points

The Holiday Season is just around the corner. Face it, we all know you’ll be spending lots of money on your loved ones. We here at HobbyTron are working to help our customers save money. With our HobbyTron Rewards Program, you can earn points you can redeem for discounts off your future purchases. Every item we sell at HobbyTron is eligible to earn you points so your shopping is not limited. Signing up for a Rewards Account is completely FREE and only requires a valid email. The more points you save, the bigger the discount you earn. Continue reading…

Win $1000 For!

The video says it all! You can win $1000 from HobbyTron just by helping us get to 10,000 followers on our Instagram page! Whoever shares the most wins! So get sharing people! We’ll pick the winner when we reach 10,000 followers! Think what you can do with all that money to HobbyTron! Airsoft, RC, anything! What would you buy on HobbyTron for $1000? Let us know in the comments!

Wacked Wednesday: Sky Messenger RC Helicopter

It isn’t any secret that we give a lot of love to Airsoft around here, but we know a lot you love RC! So for this Wacked Wednesday we’re wacking down the price of the Sky Messenger RC Helicopter! It’s one unique helicopter that can display custom messages on the blades! Just think of all the things you can do with that! Let us know what you’d do with it! Watch the video, then check grab the Sky Messenger here!

HobbyTron Free Monthly Giveaway: Airsoft Edition

We know everyone loves Airsoft, you guys make that known every day with your purchases. So we decided to listen to what our fans want and so this months free giveaway is the Swiss Arms Airsoft Pistol! Head on over to our site to grab it right now at the low low price of FREE!

If you’re an Airsoft fan, you can’t go wrong with this package since it not only includes the gun but BB’s and two magazines! If you haven’t stepped into the world of Airsoft, now is the time to do it! So head on over to our site and grab the gun here!

Hobbytron Is Giving Away Two Free $50 Gift Cards!

Hobbytron just can’t stop giving stuff away!  This time, they are giving away two $50 Hobbytron gift cards that will help you purchase the Airsoft gun or RC vehicle of your dreams!  So how can you get on this sweet sweet giveaway action?  It’s simple!

To win the $50 gift card on Facebook, first check out this post on Hobbytron’s Facebook page:  Then, “Like” that post. Next, like “Hobbytron” on Facebook if you haven’t already.  After that, share this on your own Facebook wall and tag at least five of your friends.  And finally, don’t forget to hash tag it all with a “#Hobbytron”!

To win the $50 dollar gift card on Twitter first check out this tweet at:

Follow us with your own Twitter account at @Hobbytron.  Re-tweet this post, favorite it and top it off the hash tag “#Hobbytron”.

Good luck and if you want a explanation from Hobbytron’s own Fatal, check out this video: