8 RC cars that prove their as great as the real deal

Cars are very expensive, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of driving that sweet ride even Vin Diesel wouldn’t resist. Just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean its completely impossible to attain- It just means you need to think bigger, or rather, smaller. RC cars are a thing (yes, a “thing”) and are often times adored as much as the actual vehicles they emulate.

Collectors and car enthusiasts of all kind can agree that it takes a special RC car to set it apart from other poser “car toys”- the real RC cars are the ones that go as fast as their size will allow them. Here are eight RC cars that prove size doesn’t matter. These juniors would make their real life car daddies proud.

1.Drift GT Mercedes-Benz SLR 1:10 Electric RTR RC Car


Ah, drifting- The Japanese driving sport that influenced the world, going as far as inspiring many car movie favorites (you know…the ones that use the words ‘fast’ and ‘furious’ in their titles). Like the real-life Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, the Drift GT Mecedes-Benz SLR 1:10 Electric RTR RC car has enough power to make drifting an easy sport. The 20+ Real MPH will give this RC car the right amount of speed it needs to drift those sharp corners like a pro, making drifting just another hobby you’ve mastered.


2. Licensed Chevrolet Camaro 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car


The signature stripes still make Chevrolet Camaros one of the most classic sport cars in car history- Unfortunately (depending on your bank account), its also made them one of the most expensive. The Chevrolet Camaro 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car though makes for a great replacement; filling up the space in your heart without having to fill up your garage space. The full function transmitter and rubber tires are signature Camaro, giving you every detail and feature the real-life Camaro is known for, and who doesn’t like that?

3. XStreet Porsche 911 GT3RS 1:10 RTR Electric RC Car



Nothings smoother than a Porsche…well, maybe aside from the models that showcase Porsches at car shows. The XStreet Porsche is no exception, making it one of the most sought out Porsches by car lovers everywhere and exceptionally rare. The XStreet Porsche 911 GT3RS 1:10 RTR Electric Car is the closest thing to any Porsche lover’s dream- Its affordable. easy-to-use, and similar to the real-life Porsche legend. With velocity and smoothness like this,, you’d think you were driving the Porsche XStreet out of the dealership.


4. XStreet Lamborghini Veneno 1:18 RTR Electric RC Car



Lamborghinis- Easy to say but hard to spell, these car gems are still considered one of the stylish cars to have ever hit the road. The luxury car brand was one of the first to give sports car an array of wealth and style, which makes owning one a darn expensive thing to do. The next big thing (or small thing, whatever way you look at it) is the XStreet Lamborghini Veneo 1:18 RTR Electric RC Car,

5. Extreme Machines Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car


The Ford Mustang. Even saying it out loud will give you the goosebumps. The Ford Mustang is such a classic, its no surprise there have been many combinations of new features, styles and colors. Ford Mustangs are very sought after, which makes them a tad pricy, but that’s okay because Extreme Machines released the Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car. As much of a Ford Mustang as the actual vehicle, Extreme Machines Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car is a combination of the old and modern Ford Mustang, while still maintaing a speed velocity that honors the classic model.


6. Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car



No, it is not uncool to call yourself “cool”. You’re just being honest, that’s all. The Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car is definitely cool because, well, it’s a replica of Aston Martin, which can’t get more awesome than that, except it does. With an all function transmitter that gives the RC the jolt it needs, you can be assured that the Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car is the RC car to make you feel- you guessed it- cool.


7. Licensed RC Ferrari 458 Italia 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car


Ferraris aren’t just made but for millionaires anymore, but they’re also meant for the real car lovers that admire vehicles for their potential and not just their luxury. The Licensed RC Ferrari 458 Italia 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car sounds fancy, cause it is, but is also an ode to one of the classiest of cars by staying to true its speed and dependency with its full radio control and high gloss detail.


8. Licensed Audi R8 LMS 1:14 Electric RTR RC Car


Audis are a man’s best friend: their liable, attainable but still so much fun to own. Not everyone can find themselves a good Audi to maintain, which is why Audi decided t answer our prayers and provide us with the Licensed Audi R8 LMS 1: 14 Electric RTR RC Car, for anyone who wants to give an Audi a spin before committing. The Audi RC Car is truly  a doppleganger of the real thing: its transmitter, dependable tires and great body well give you a taste of what owning an Audi is really like.

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