7 Things Every Airsofter Forgets

7 Things Airsofters Forget

You’re always going to forget something, check this list before you head to the fields!

#1 Extra Batteries

Airsoft Batteries

This SHOULD go without saying, but you are going to go through way more batteries than you initially think.

Extra Batteries 2

Make sure to keep at least 4 good charged airsoft batteries on hand for every gun that you are planning on fielding. This way you will definitely have backups in case one of your batteries gets depleted or malfunctions (wires do break!).

#2 Gloves

Airsoft Gloves

Most Airsofters now days play with gloves when they play airsoft because let’s be real here, no one wants to get shot in the hand! However, it’s a thing that a lot of players forget to include in their airsoft gear!

Gloves are a thing that is definitely more on the preference of the player.

Non Armor Gloves

Some players prefer regular style “non armored” gloves, and some players prefer a semi-armored style glove that includes Knuckle armor, if you find yourself hitting your knuckles a lot.

Some players alternatively go for a full-armored style glove like this one. These gloves also are half finger for easier trigger access and use. But some players will just cut off the thumb and trigger finger.

#3 Bring Your Hop Up Adjustment Key

Hop Up Key

Most hop-ups are easily adjusted; however certain brands of airsoft guns will require a special “key” or tool to adjust your hop-up. There is nothing worse than getting to the field to find out your hop-up is all messed up with no way to adjust it.

Adjust Hopper

You always want to keep your hop-up dialed in, so you can get the best accuracy out of your weapon.

#4 Barrel Cover

Airsoft Barrel Cover

Most fields now will require you to have a barrel cover on our airsoft guns while in the staging area.

Don’t be the person who forgets theirs, and has to use something makeshift (like a glove!……That hopefully, you remembered to bring)

Barrel Cover

They come in a variety of different colors, and you can always customize or personalize it, to show off your individual style!

#5 Dead Rag (Red Rag)

Dead Rag

This one is simple, bring something red!

Most fields will require you to have a dead rag, and nothing worse than having to buy one at the field, simple don’t forget it!

Dead Rag

Dead Rags are there to protect the players! You use them after getting “killed” to signify that you are “dead”. They don’t have to be anything fancy (although some players chose to go that route) most fields don’t care what it is, as long as its red material large enough to be seen.

#6 Water


Why would you ever forget this? So many players do!

Water Bottles

It’s easy to get excited about a day of airsofting and forget to bring the essentials. One way to make sure you always remember to drink plenty of water is to make it a part of your gear loadout.

Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are a great essential to your gear loadout. You can even just purchase the hydration insert and add it to an existing plate carrier or vest set up! This will keep you hydrated and well equipped on the field.

Water Pack

It doesn’t matter really how you stay hydrated as long as you remember to bring the water!

Drinking Water

Dog in Water

#7 Speed Loaders

Speed Loaders


Now, this is more of a luxury than a necessity, but if you are playing ANY milsim (Military simulation) games, they are most likely going to be mid cap (spring loaded magazines that typically take 100-130 rounds) only games….. Which mean a lot of loading!  Speed loaders are typically pretty inexpensive and come in a few different types. Your typical speed loader will look like this.


However, you can invest in a heavier speed loader if you find yourself using midcaps often. Midcaps like this one are designed with heavier use in mind and they are made for feeding bigger magazines, means not having to fill your speed loader as often, and getting you back to the game sooner!

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