7 things anyone who uses a drone will understand

1. The happiness you feel when your drone finally arrives, regardless of the mailman’s tired facepostmanYou already freaked when you saw the drones for sale banner flashing on your computer screen, so why do they make you wait so long just to fly it”?



2. Knowing everyone will be jealous for being relevant and trendy8caf96f8536eedbc9271f0bdede11653f47cbdb67a846ad3a518d6eb9a38bdceThey call it “jealousy,” we call it payback for all those times they made fun of your retainer.



3. People instantly think your rich when they hear you have a drone144007Um no, you’re just a smart shopper that knows where to find drones for sale at a good price. Smart, not exactly rich.



4. When you fly your drone a little too off targetdronecrashmemeYou’ll love and care for your drone as much as you would your girlfriend. Nothing wrong with that.



5. All the instantly amazing photos you probably would have never taken beforedroneconcertmemeWhile others are taking photos of their lunch, you’re taking photos of the sky.



6. How the rotors sound like music to your earstaylorswiftmemeAs the saying goes: Different folks have different strokes.



7. The panic you feel when you think you’ve lost your controller

gameofthronesmemeAll hell comes lose, and anyone in your way will suffer.



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