5 reasons why you should consider a mini drone as your first drone

The big question that has haunted humanity since, well, forever actually has always been whether size does actually matter. Maybe you’re a firm believe of the motto, “the bigger, the better” or maybe you’ve just had great experiences with larger things (don’t be a pervert!), either way, you’ve heard a lot about mini drones and the greatness they can have.

I mean, there’s nothing actually wrong with your normal sized drone, it’s just that it’s kind of heavy to carry around. It also takes up a lot of room, inviting multiple stares as you make your way to the park with a giant obnoxious drone in one hand and conflicted smile. If you’re considering making a big change by getting a smaller drone, than consider the following. Who knows — you’ll probably change your mind about the tiny and switch sides for once.


1. They’re easily portable


You can easily take it with you anywhere, which makes all the trouble of carrying a drone disappear. Before you know it, you’ll start misplacing it in your backpack — yep, that’s how tiny they come.



2. They won’t attract too much attention


Okay, let’s be real here: People kind of discriminate drone users, so when they see someone carrying a drone, they automatically believe that drone user is obnoxious and will ruin everyone’s fun with their loud large drone, but on the contrary, you’ll go almost unnoticed when you arrive with your mini drone. Invisible almost.



3. They’re not that heavy, which is a relief!


Regular sized drones are heavy, and no matter how in-shape you may be, they’ll ware you out after a while. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, cause mini drones are light as a feather. If only more things were like that….



4. You can still have a good camera drone


Having a mini drone doesn’t mean you’re giving up on certain features, like that useful camera you love on your camera drone. There are plenty of mini drones that are also camera drones, so you can always take photos from above.



5. They’re, well, cool


They’re small, fast and just as fast and easy to navigate as a regular drone. They’re also pretty slick-looking, making mini drones always in-style.

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