5 reasons why the U.S next to start their drone mail service already

Finland started a four-day test Wednesday for their new drone mail delivery service. Though this is very exciting news for the tech world, U.S hobbyists are fuming with envy. The reason? Because there are just too many drone regulations!

When will it be the U.S’s time?

We keep pondering over questions like these, which is why we here at Hobbytron have complied a list of reason why the U.S should be next to start their drone delivery service. Though there has been a lot of talk of Amazon drones, we sill think the FAA should take it all the way and just make drones a primary mail delivery service. Why not? If you’re not convinced than these following reasons why this is the most brilliant idea in the world, should do the trick.


  1. We’ll save paper.


Mail is made out of paper, and paper is made out of trees, which means we kill trees for every piece of mail sent (or something like that…). It’s simple logic, therefore if the U.S cuts down on paper consumption (and tree destruction) than we’ll look like saints, and we all know that U.S is all about looking good.


  1. We’ll get our mail way faster


We all know drones are fast; so getting your mail from a drone is the ultimate delivery service option. I mean, imagine all of the possibilities? What would you do with all the time you’ve saved? Yeah, your dog might not like the “no mailman” thing, but it will be so worth it to get that $1.25 used Notebook DVD from eBay.


  1. It’s cool


Drones are the most sought out tech toy that’s been out for a while — and it’s not even exactly a toy really, but you know, let’s let everyone else tell themselves that. Because drones are cool, getting out maril from drones will ultimately make the ocuntry even cooler (mic drop).


  1. It’s the year 2015


Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now? Drones might not be a Jetson-esque car, but it’s still definitely very futuristic. It will finally make it seem like the world is in the future and doing future stuff. Nothing says future than drones.


    5. It’ll make it easier for us to buy more drones


With this drone mail delivery service, it’ll make it easier for us drone enthusiasts to order more drones. In fact: These drones would be delivering drones. Don’t tell me you don’t want to see that happening?


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