5 Father’s Day gifts that will blow him away, without blowing your money


Ah, Father’s Day- Possibly one of the least celebrated of holidays. Don’t get us wrong; we think dads rule, but their usually overshadowed by the other half of the parental spectrum, also known as M-O-M.

Though I’m sure you love your father very much-or at least respect him enough to remember Father’s Day is in June- we are pretty certain you still haven’t figured what to get him exactly. I mean, come on- You do have a couple weeks left, but before you know it, those couple weeks are going to turn into a couple days, then a couple hours and then a couple of awkward minutes as you see your dad eye you with disappointment and visible hurt. Nobody wants that.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of Father’s Day gifts that will seem like you put a lot of thought into it, when in reality, we did all of the thinking for you. You can thank us later, but first thank your old man.

Blade Scout CX 3CH 2.4GHz RC HelicopterHZ-BLH2700-lg

Remember when your dad would drop you off at Boy Scouts? Well now you can repay him by getting him the Blade Scout RC Helicopter!

Ok…. that may have been a poor way to convince you this RC helicopter is actually awesome, so lets juts have its great features speak for itself.

This 2.4 GHz RC helicopter weighs only over half of an once, but what it lacks in size it makes up with high velocity and Blade engineering which no one can argue its awesomeness. So, was that better than the Boy Scouts reference?


DC Comics Licensed World Tech Toys Batman 3.5CH IR RC Helicopter


Did your dad ever do that “dad thing” where he would dress up as a beloved childhood character just to crack a smile out of you? Maybe it was Han Solo for your Star Wars movie marathon, or Spiderman for your birthday, it’s more than likely you have seen your dad suck in his gut and pretend he was your hero, one way or another.

The DC Comics Licensed World Tech Toys Batman RC Helicopters are definitely the perfect thank you for those silly moments. It says, “Dad, you were actually always my hero, and this Batman helicopter is here to remind you of that.” Are you tearing up yet? Well maybe these Batman, Spiderman or Joker RC helicopter rotors can dry those tears up. Yeah, they’re that fast.


Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH Camera RC Spy DroneZX-34937-md

In the words of Mugatu from the 2001 hit Zoolander: Drones are so hot right now.

Yes, he was actually talking about male model Hansel, but that doesn’t matter because it is true: Drones are hot right now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The World Tech Toys Striker drone is definite proof of how far drone technology has gone. With a built-in video camera and its 2GB memory card, the Striker drone allows your hip tech dad to easily upload his photos to his hip tech blog…or Facebook. Don’t be embarrassed; everyone’s dad is on Facebook.


3D Robotics IRIS+ Quadcopter 2.4GHz 9CH RC DroneWY-3DR0171-lg

So your dad has always been the more serious of dads, and his drone obsession is no exception. Though the Striker is a great drone, it still may not be extreme enough for your dad’s extreme drone enthusiasm.

That’s where the 3D Robotics IRIS Quadcopter comes in.

The price may seem steep but any 3D Robotics drone is worth every shiny penny. They’re meant for the drone user that isn’t playing around, making the 3D Robotics expert hardware, software and device capability the answer to your dad’s drone prayers.


Traxxas Stampede 1:10 2WD 2CH 2.4GHz RTR Nitro RC Monster Truck

The monster truck- a favorite of almost every dad. Doesn’t matter if your dad seems like the clean cut type; he’s probably envisioned himself driving a Monster Truck over a hill of dirt as thousands of spectators cheer his name.

Though you can’t find a big enough bow for an actual monster truck – or a big enough wallet too- you can still get your pops the monster truck of his dreams without upsetting your mother. Traxxas is the way to go when picking out brands; its sturdy, dependable and has a great reputation which will likely be the same case for your father once his friends know what you got him this year.



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