5 Fast Facts About Live View Drones

Are you interested in learning about the latest and greatest in RC Drone Technology? A Live View Drone is something that everyone wants, but might feel overwhelmed in their search to acquire one. There all sorts of Live View Drones that make experiencing this great technology affordable and practical for all. Today we are bringing you 5 facts of what you need to know about what Live View Drones have to offer.

1. Sync your Live View Drone directly to your smart phone or tablet:

Want to be able to stream exactly what your Drone sees directly to your smart phone or tablet for easy sharing? Drones, like the Striker Live Feed WiFi RC Camera Spy Drone do that exactly! This drone lets you sync your phone or tablet to the device to take video and pictures during your flight. The content is saved directly to your photo or video library, making your flight easily shareable with family and friends.Live View Striker

2. Experience the view in the palm of your hands:

The Honor LX-X8 Live View RC Drone, like many, comes with its own live view video screen on the remote so you can experience the birds-eye-view directly from the palm of your hands! Along with the beautiful view, the remote provides vital flight information such as battery life, trim level, signal, and speed.

Honor Drone

3. Some Drones are available in 4K Camera Quality:

Although you’ll have to spend a pretty penny to get this high quality camera, your results will be nothing short of amazing. The DJI Phantom 3 4K Camera RC Drone comes with this high quality camera as well as automatic video editing software and live-streaming capabilities to let you share what you see instantly.


4. Live View Drones START at a low price of $79.95:

If you’re looking to get the experience of a Live View Drone on a budget, you’ll want to check out the Syma X5SW  Live View Camera RC Drone. This great Drone offers all the benefits of a Live View Drone, but at the great price of $79.95. The Syma, as well as other options can get you flying for under $100.


5. Flight time can range from 6 to 30 minutes depending on the drone:

The more you spend on your Drone, the longer flight time you’ll have. If you’re looking to experience the basic quality of a Live View Drone, you’ll probably only be flying for about 6-8 minutes. For those who spend $1,000 or more, you’ll be able to keep your Drone in the sky up to 30 minutes at a time. The Blade Chroma CG03 4K Camera RC Drone is a top of the line Drone with a high quality camera and a long lasting flight time.

Blade Drone

Want to see more of our Live View Drone options? Visit the link below to see what options we have for you!


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