5 Airsoft Guns You Need

5 Airsoft Guns You Need

5 of the most awesome guns we could find to make you want to airsoft.


#5 S.TA.R. X5 Rifle by: CSI

This Airsoft rifle is so futuristic looking!

Star Airsoft Rifle

The S.T.A.R. X5 Airsoft Rifles comes in two different rail styles and two different colors (gray and white).

Star Airsoft Rifle 2

Even though it comes with a futuristic looking 200 round high capacity magazine, it accepts MOST standard M4/M16 magazines.

Star Airsoft Rifle 5

Star Airsoft Rifle 3

Star Airsoft Rifle 4

This is a simple M4 platform airsoft gun that is great for any player looking to get a different style M4!

#4 FPG by: KWA

The “FPG” or Folding Pistol Gun has been around the airsoft market for a little while, however, sadly it is no longer in production. If you’re lucky you might be able to find one still in circulation on the airsoft field or through an airsoft trading board, and it is definitely worth a second look if you get a chance.


What makes this gun special is its ability to fold down to about the size of a standard dump pouch. When the gun is folded, with one press on the charging handle it deploys to a full-size SMG, already cocked, loaded and ready to fire.


The KWA FPG is green gas operated and comes with one 49 round magazine.

This SMG also comes in 3 different color options (Black, White, Pink)


If you want to have an interesting looking and cool functioning SMG check out the FPG by KWA!

#3 AR57 by: Echo 1

This is what happens when gun designers get too bored. You get some “creation” that is fit for an airsoft field. The AR57 by Echo 1 is a perfect example of this. This design is actually based off the real steel model AR57. (“Real Steel” is a term Airsofters use to refer to real firearms) 


The real version of this gun was created as a way to have an M4/M16 body style gun take a NATO 5.7 Round instead of the standard 5.62 round. Why you might ask because we can! The airsoft version has no special abilities other than being a very interesting looking gun.

AR57 2

Because the P90 magazines for this gun are fed through a cutout in the top rail section, your existing M4 mag-well will NOT be in use. There’s nothing funnier than your opponent thinking you’re in the middle of a mag change because you don’t have a M4 magazine in!

AR57 3

Alternately you can put a M4 magazine in the mag-well and the gun will hold it in place like your standard M4 rifles.

AR57 4

If the P90 Magazines just aren’t for you, but you still want this gun, you’re in luck! You can also find an AR57 to M4 adaption kit, so your AR57 will feed standard M4 magazines through the side. 


The AR57 Might not be the most exciting looking gun ever, but it sure is interesting! 

#2 Kriss Vector by: KWA

Here’s another great example of a concept gun that was then applied to the airsoft world. The Kriss Vector started in the dreams of gun manufacturers and quickly was adopted by the airsoft community, as many great guns are.

Kriss Vector

The Kriss Vector is an awesome concept gun that was popularized by many popular video games including Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and Army of Two.

Kriss Vector 2

What makes the vector so interesting as a gun model is the fact that it was a new model of the gun not only to airsoft but to the world! The Kriss Vector only came out in 2006 as opposed to other models like the M4 platform or AK platform that has been around for many years.

Kriss Vector

#1 Mini Gun by: Echo 1

Mini Gun

Just look at that beast!!…….Do we really have to say more?

Mini Gun 2

The Echo 1 Mini Gun is definitely a sight to behold, and not something you see every weekend on the field. This is definitely a specialty gun.

Mini Gun 3

Mini Gun 4

6 barrels that rotate firing an unknown crazy amount of bbs per second. This thing will get ANYTHING in its path!

I Mean Really……….

Mini Gun 5

Mini Gun 6

Look at that Joy…..

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