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This is the new Storm Spring Airsoft Gun with Grip and Laser. Our Spring Airsoft Rifles are fun for everyone. You will not be disappointed with the quality or the durability of these fun Airsoft guns. This gun is made of hard ABS plastic which is great for long life and durability. This gun is spring powered so you can take out your opponents one shot at a time. It comes with extreme detail and a solid heavy construction. This rifle comes with a removeable front grip and full butt stock to add to the realism. You also get a laser, a sling, and a sample pack of BBs. Don't forget to order extra ammo, it always seems to go fast.

This is a Spring Airsoft Rifle, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Also, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest, most durable of all Airsoft Guns, because they're made with few breakable pieces. If you're looking for a fun, reliable Airsoft Rifle that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun.


  • Spring Powered
  • Solid ABS Plastic Construction
  • Removeable Front Grip
  • Full Butt Stock
  • Laser
  • Sling
  • Sample Pack of BBs


  • Storm Spring Airsoft Gun with Grip and Laser
  • Laser
  • Sling
  • Sample Pack of BBs

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Customer Reviews

Overall Raing: 5 Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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Top Customer Reviews

5 Rating

By: Jagz Airsoft on May 28, 2012

It's one heck of a gun beastly design mag is in pistol grip and has a beastly 370 fps with .20 bbs and 450 fps with .12 bbs!!!! Best gun yet and I have had a 470 fps aeg m4!!!! And a 400 fps spring deagle custom so yeah I rate 150/10 not 151/10 because it's plastic

4 Rating

By: Aaron on May 03, 2012

i wont this gun what is the fps? and how much bbs does this clip hold and wher is the clip

5 Rating

By: Chairsofter on May 02, 2012

no he proves a valid point. I've had way to many poor experiences with hobbytron myself. They've sent me broken guns, used guns, and wrong guns.

5 Rating

By: Cjh on April 16, 2012

got the gun....and i like it...it is a pretty alright gun...scope kinda sucks tho

5 Rating

By: Rayman on April 16, 2012

wat is the fps i wunt this gun but i dont know the fps :-(

4 Rating

By: Rmm on April 16, 2012

fkjdskj you are so dumd it says it right there storm SPRING airsoft gun and also can someone please tell me wats the fps

5 Rating

By: Kdmkls;***** on April 15, 2012

it's not a sniper prob low fps and it is obviously not automatic it says spring dumbass and if you can't afford it than you need to do some work

4 Rating

By: Jt on April 12, 2012

If anyone could tell me how much FPS I would really appreciate it.

5 Rating

By: Cjh on April 05, 2012

i just orderd this today....and i rele hope its worth the money... if not i will be pissed!!!

4 Rating

By: Alec on April 04, 2012

Should I buy this gun or no because I don't no wat to buy and I battle a lot but my m16 broke

5 Rating

By: Matt on April 02, 2012

What is the fps!!!! please tell me

5 Rating

By: Fkjdskj on March 26, 2012

is it automatic$$$

4 Rating

By: Lane! on March 22, 2012

i just ordered this gun and it is pretty good. i like the grip and sight. the sight looks like a scope but is just a red dot sight. i use this gun for sniping.

5 Rating

By: Ethan Karp on March 17, 2012

i love hobbytron but i can't afford dis!

4 Rating

By: Elprincipe on February 23, 2012

great gun tne magasine not so god bot y personoly y will recomend thes gun for biginers

4 Rating

By: Elprinsipe on February 23, 2012

okay im train this here in hobbytron.com but i live in puerto rico and the shipili and handaling is the doble what this gun cause y love to buy in hobbytron.com but im sholt and cash hobbytron plese,plese,plese help my

5 Rating

By: Ethan on February 14, 2012

the magizine is in the grip which i likie and its a cheap and re;liable gun

5 Rating

By: Corey on February 11, 2012

GREAT GUN. magazine is in the handle scope kinda crappy but otherwise GREEAT gun man i love it

5 Rating

By: !!!!!!!! on February 04, 2012

great gun

4 Rating

By: ???? on January 26, 2012

were is the clip?????

3 Rating

By: Hunter on December 11, 2011

how much FPS? i want this but im not positive on how much it has?

5 Rating

By: Mccoy on November 23, 2011

I'm think about buying this gun, but i cant see the magazine were is it

if you no were it is send me a email

4 Rating

By: Alex on November 10, 2011

this is an ok gun.
- nice matt black finish
- good grip
- comes with an ok red dot sight( looks like a scope but its just a red cross sight)
- nice weight
- its ok to use .12g bbs with this gun because it's not powerful like at all
- very nice iron sights
- not that powerful
- cheap laser/flashlight
- magazine capacity is about 12 or 13 bbs
assembly is required but it's easy
- not super accurate
overall it's an ok gun i would only pay about $15 for this gun and thats all i have to say about this gun, and this gun is not meant for sniping use, heck dont even use it in a battle, just for target practice and you dont need a bipodt it's not that heavy and it comes with a very nice grip. but if you did get a bipod i would recomend the utg clamp on bipod (LP-TL-BPO8S) but its $20 dollars and the gun is $22 so its not really smart to buy a $20 bipod for a $22 dollar gun

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