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Model Number: ZX-MG50

Check out the Spring Special Ops MG-50 FPS-275 Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Scope & Bipod. It is a great Airsoft Gun to get started with! The best thing about this gun is it comes ready to go right out of the box. There are no batteries or gas to worry about because it's spring powered. An integrated rail system lets you add on any of your favorite accessories making this one versatile Airsoft Gun! If you are looking for a spring rifle that performs well and looks awesome then the Spring Special Ops MG-50 FPS-275 Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Scope & Bipod is for you! Don't wait get yours today!


  • Spring Powered
  • Plastic Construction
  • Integrated Rail System


  • Spring Special Ops MG-50 FPS-275 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Scope
  • Bipod
  • Sample BBs
  • Sling


  • FPS: 275 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 25 RDs
  • Size: 28 Inches

This is a Spring Airsoft Rifle, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Also, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest, most durable of all Airsoft Guns, because they're made with few breakable pieces. If you're looking for a fun, reliable Airsoft Rifle that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun.

For questions regarding this product please email our friendly customer service team.

Customer Reviews

Overall Raing: 5 Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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Top Customer Reviews

5 Rating

By: Dillon 11-26-2012

This is an excellent sniper for anyone! all though you might want to get a scope because the one they give you is a mock scope. overall excellent sniper rifle for beginners, intermediate, advanced and so-on!

5 Rating

By: Yamil 11-11-2012

Those it has guarantee

5 Rating

By: Yamil 11-11-2012

I'm kinding

5 Rating

By: Jax 10-23-2012

Fake scope (still useable) I recommend NC star red dot sight. I don't have this bit it looks pretty sweet sauce!

5 Rating

By: Luke 10-22-2012

i luvvv this gun best gun ever great for far distance it hurs to get hit

5 Rating

By: Nicolas77 10-13-2012

I have a few questions. Anyone who owns it, please answer them :)

1. Is the scope real? If it is or not, is it accurate?

2: It is reliable? (doesn't break easilly, realistic plastic)

3: Does it shoot straight with 20g bbs?

4: on a scale from 1 to 10, what do you rate it?

Over all, is it worth it?

5 Rating

By: Sniper 10-12-2012

good gun

5 Rating

By: Savagesniper 10-03-2012

whatever you do dont get the spring jp 916 i got it... and it stunk

oh and thx henry

4 Rating

By: Henry 10-01-2012

Savagesniper, it is a mock scope.

5 Rating

By: Savagesniper 09-22-2012

does the scope have a lense? or is it a mock scope?

5 Rating

By: Savage Sniper 09-21-2012

would you guys say that this gun is better than the spring jp 916 fps-220 sniper rifle with bipod & scope

i vote no

5 Rating

By: Savage Sniper 09-21-2012

would you guys say that this gun is better than the spring jp 916 fps-220 sniper rifle with bipod & scope, look it up on this website.

i vote no

5 Rating

By: Deathsniper 09-10-2012

this gun looks so cool and for only 20 bucks i really want this gun !!
also it does like an AS50

5 Rating

By: Andres 09-10-2012

Just ordered this gun 2 hours ago I am really looking forward to using it I might write a review about so look out for my review!

3 Rating

By: Subzero2678 07-28-2012

The gun looks great but I'm worried about the size. 28 inches sounds a little small for an as50 (which is what this gun is) or any other sniper rifle for this matter. They obviously need to say that this gun is a mini sniper rifle in the description. My full scale airsoft mp5 is almost 24 inches. And by the way, the average size of an airsoft sniper rifle is like 48 inches. Please change the description.

5 Rating

By: Just For The Fun Of It 07-09-2012

im prob not going to buy this soon but i have a question so hey are bb gun tournaments fun

4 Rating

By: The Sniper 07-08-2012

were does it cock

5 Rating

By: K Bro 07-05-2012

I want to get really bad might get one today

5 Rating

By: To The Last Post From Noble 3 06-26-2012

this is a cool sniper i want so bad... and u r right, it does look just like the AS50 from mw3

5 Rating

By: Noble 3 06-24-2012

This gun looks just like a AS50

5 Rating

By: Snipen Jokers 06-23-2012

this is an awesome looking sniper save me one im going to get 1 soon

5 Rating

By: Legit Sniper 06-21-2012


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