Please send an email to with at least the following information. Include pictures if applicable.

  1. Order Number:
  2. E-mail Address:
  3. Name (on order):
  4. What is the item number of the product you want to return? (From Order E-mail or Invoice):
  5. What is the Name of the item you want to return? (From Order EMail or Invoice):
  6. Why do you want to return the item? (Please be as detailed as possible):
  7. Was the item taken out of the product box?:
  8. How long was the battery charged?:
  9. Were all batteries connected properly in both the item and radio (if applicable)?:
  10. Did the item work out of the box? If yes, please explain:
  11. Did something happen to the item to cause it to stop working (crashed, wet, dropped, dirt, etc.)?:
  12. Do you have all of the included packaging, manuals, accessories, etc. to return with the item? If no, what items are you missing?:
  13. Has it been modified or repaired in any way? If yes, please explain: