• Current or voltage input types
  • SCR output
  • Zero crossing switching
  • Standard 16-Lead DIP type package with 4 pins
  • RS4 Series

    Printed Circuit Board Mountable
    Solid State Relay, 1 Amp
    Photo of RS4 Series Relay

    Input Specifications
    RS4-1D1-A (Current Input Type)
    Control Current Range: 10 - 35mA
    Must Turn-On Current: 10mA
    Must Turn-Off Current: 1mA

    RS4-1D1-B (Voltage Input Type)
    Control Voltage Range: 3.5 - 10VDC
    Nom. Input Impedance: 270 Ohm
    Typ. Input Current (@ 5VDC): 15mA
    Must Turn-On Voltage: 3.5VDC
    Must Turn-Off Voltage: 1.0VDC

    Output Specifications
    Operating Voltage Range: 20 - 280V (RMS)
    Load Current Range: 0.01 - 1.0A (RMS)
    Transient Over-Voltage: 600V (Peak)
    Max. Surge Current (16.6ms): 30A (Peak)
    Min. Off-State dv/dt: 500V/µs at max. rated voltage
    Max. Off-State Leakage Current: 0.01mA (RMS) at rated voltage
    Max. On-State Voltage Drop: 1.2V (Peak) at rated current
    Max. Turn-On Time: 1/2 cycle
    Max. Turn-Off Time: 1/2 cycle
    Power factor (Min.) with Max. Load: 0.5

    Electrical Specifications
    Dielectric Strength (Input-Output Isolation): 3750V (RMS)
    Min. Insulation Resistance (@ 500VDC): 109 Ohm
    Max. Capacitance (Input-Output): 2.0pF

    Enviornmental Characteristics
    Operating: -30° to +80°C
    Storage: -30° to +125°C

    Dimensional Drawings

    Pin Connection Diagram
    Pin Connection Diagram

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