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Model Number: HPI10500-C

This is the package deal and it comes with everything needed to drive your truck. Including: Fuel, glow plug igniter and charger, battery and charger for rotostart, AA Batteries, and free shipping. HPI Racing has added a completely new 1/8th scale truck to its market leading monster truck line up. The new Hellfire is designed from scratch with only one goal: maximum performance in all conditions! No compromise - the Hellfire is not a converted buggy or tuned up monster truck. It is purpose built to be faster and give better handling than any other competitive truck. A high level of attention to detail is paid in every area. HPI designers strove to increase performance, reduce maintenance and simplify chassis adjustments. The result is a new definition for "performance truck". Optimum Agility and HandlingHellfire features all-new suspension and steering geometries specially designed for best performance with big truck wheels and on rough terrain.A very low center of gravity gives increased responsiveness and better chassis balance.

Optimum Agility and Handling
The Hellfire features all-new suspension and steering geometry specifically designed for optimum performance. Where most manufacturers take a buggy and convert it to a truck, theHellfire-2.jpg Hellfire was designed from a clean sheet of paper. Long suspension arms pivot close to the centerline of the chassis for smooth suspension movement over bumps. The suspension hubs are pushed out into the wheels for more steering than the competition. The internal drive ratio is optimized for race .21 and .28 engines with monster truck tires, delivering more efficiency and a lower center of gravity than a typical truggy design. A very low center of gravity gives quick response in the corners and stability over jumps.

Powerful and Fast
The Hellfire comes equipped with the powerful new Nitro Star K4.6 HO (High Output) Big Block engine that is optimized for single speed transmissions; it has a wide power band and linear throttle response to help deliver consistent lap times. A true Big Block at 4.6ccs, the K4.6 HO engine has the power needed to winright out of the box. The K4.6 HO breathes through a high-flow dual stage air filter, and a hard anodized aluminum tube header and tuned pipe. The drivetrain features silicone filled front and rear 4-gear differentials and a center differential with a steel spur gear for durability. Adjustable front and rear disc brakes are standard equipment. And the Hellfire is lightweight for a monster truck, so it accelerates and decelerates quickly on the racetrack, giving it an advantage over heavier trucks.

Fully Adjustable
The Hellfire offers a wide range of tuning adjustments so that you can fine tune the truck to driving conditions and personal driving styles. All important suspension parameters are easily adjustable:

  • 24 possible shock positions available to fine tune your suspension.
  • Four different shock pistons are included for a wide range of tuning options.
  • Front inboard toe angle adjustments: 0 degrees to -2 degrees.
  • Rear inboard toe angle adjustments: 2 degrees to 4 degrees.
  • Adjustable front and rear camber using strong steel turnbuckles.
  • The camber can be fine tuned to suit your track conditions.
  • Adjustable steering geometry.
  • Spring clips are included to fine tune your ride height.
  • Anti-dive adjustments: 0 degrees to 2 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.
  • Anti-squat adjustments: 1.5 degrees to 3.5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.
  • Front kick-up angle: adjustable from 21 to 25 degrees.
  • Different compression and rebound can be achieved with tapered shock pistons.
  • Damping can be fine tuned with different diameter piston holes.
  • Adjustable brake bias to control entry steering and jumping.
  • Adjustable front and rear inboard toe with convenient urethane eccentric bushings.

No option parts are necessary to adjust the suspension settings and several configurations are possible with the included parts. Eccentric bushings are used for a convenient adjustment of toe in, kick-up, anti-dive and anti-squat. Hard anodized aluminum shocks with titanium nitride coated shafts are standard equipment, filled with silicone shock oil for smooth and consistent dampening.HELLFIREREMOTE

Easy Maintenance
The Hellfire has been designed to allow for easier maintenance with simplified access to all parts. For example, only 6 screws need to be removed to access the front or rear diff without dismantling the main chassis or suspension. High quality hex hardware is used throughout to reduce the possibility of stripped screws. All major suspension components are retained or captured without the use of E-clips, so maintenance is simplified and parts are held securely in place no more lost e-clips during building and maintenance.

The Hellfire comes pre-built to precise specifications from the factory, ready to go right out of the box. Careful attention to small details like fuel tube routing, in-tank and inline fuel filters, and knurled adjustment knobs take the term RTR to a new height with the Hellfire. The included HPI TF-3 radio system features a high torque steering servo, throttle servo, and a super narrowband AM receiver. The electronics are powered by an included 1100mAh 5 cell rechargeable receiver pack, complete with an AC wall charger. The aero-dish wheels and lightweight Aggressors tires come pre-glued with inner foam. And to top everything off, the body is pre-painted in stunning red/black/silver graphics with the decals applied, trimmed and mountedexactly as it is shown on the box.

Here are more standard RTR Hellfire features that will make it stand out from the crowd:

Convenience Features
Wire routing for servo leads and receiver
- Protects wires from damage from linkages
- Keeps wire out of the path of moving parts
Fuel Tube Routing
- Decreased fuel line breakage and better fuel delivery
Fuel splash guard incorporated into the tank
Internal Fuel Tank Filter
External high quality fuel filter, 1 is included, provisions to mount 2
Dual purpose radio box: Low CG, maximum protectionHellFire-4
150 cc fuel tank for longer run time than buggy spec 125cc equipped trucks.
Included transponder mount, allows use of AMB transponders
- Securely mounts transponder and protects it from crash damage
Wire routing guides help to protect the transponder wires
1100 mAh, 5 cell receiver Pack with 2hr wall charger
- More power than a typical 4 cell dry cell holder, with longer battery life
- Rechargeable, with quick recharge time

Durability Features
Every drive shaft is a Constant Velocity style joint
- Maximum durability, maximum operating angles, and highest efficiency
Rigid chassis structure with full length upper deck, with option braces for further rigidity
- The main chassis structure requires little maintenance and mounts most items that need little maintenance.
- The main chassis plate has kicked up sides for further rigidity and maximum protection without the need for additional side guards.
3.5mm Titanium Nitride Coated shock shafts for durability and maximum performance
17mm Wheel Hex Hubs for optimum combination of strength and lightweight. Anything more is overkill. Anything less will be less durable.
Overbore shocks for maximum oil volume
Fully enclosed bevel gears
- Keeps gears from being contaminated by dirt or debris (like conventional 1/8th scale) and extends their life
- To further increase life, the gear can run in a oil bath like a real drive gear to further increase life
4 gear front and rear differentials for maximum life and performance
Engine mounting Plate doubles as a brace to prevent the clutch bell from hitting the chassis and stopping the engine on extreme landings.
Chassis braces are included throughout the chassis structure to increase durability (not to mention fine tune to conditions). There are 4 braces in total, incorporated into the main structure. There is as front lower brace and the main structure of the radio box to brace the lower chassis. As an included option, tower to upper deck braces can be installed front and rear.HellfireBest
Aerodynamic dish wheels are used for maximum strength and for protection from dirt.
17mm hex system for increased durability.
Steel turnbuckles for maximum strength.
Vented, Hardened clutch bell for long life and better heat dissipation

Performance Features
Single speed transmission for maximum performance at the track with the K4.6 HO engine
A center differential to put the power down at all times
Super lightweight suspension parts through CAD optimization and prototype testing
Optimized Ackerman steering geometry for this purpose-built new truck platform
New Aggressors tires for good traction in all off-road conditions
Sway bars are included for front and rearHellFire-HPI
Wave brake discs as standard components
- More stopping power from more leading edges
- Reduce disc weight
- Better brake feel and modulation
Radio box acts as lower brace
Radio box inner wall acts as a lower brace structure to make the lower to upper deck connection more rigid

A high quality HPI TF-3 radio set is included as well as a 1100 mAh, 5-cell receiver pack with 2 hour wall charger. Also included are High Torque SF-2 servos with a water resistant radio box.

Hellfire Specifications:
Wheelbase = 348mm*
Total Length = 513mm
Total Width = 415mm
Total Height = 173mm
Weight = 9.2 lb (ready to run, less fuel)
Reference Wheelbases: Savage = 335mm, 1/8 scale Buggy = 323mm
*Varies with Inboard Toe Setting


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