What BBs Should I Use in My Airsoft Gun?

What BBs Should I Use in My Airsoft Gun?

The most important fact to know is that whatever you do, don’t use inexpensive .12 gram off brand BBs that you find at any old sporting goods store! That’s a good way to damage or even completely ruin your nice new expensive Airsoft gun. 12 gram BBs with visible seams are fine for a cheap spring Airsoft pistols but are dangerous to use with anything else.

Some good BB brands to look out are for are Lancer Tactical, Kings Arms, ICS, P-Force and many others. The standard BB weight used by most Airsofters is .20 grams. If your Airsoft rifle has a powerful FPS rating and you want to use it on the field, you might want to stick with .25 or .27 grams. If your Airsoft gun fires over 300 FPS, then make sure you used highly polished BBs to prevent jams.

Some more expensive BBs are biodegradable which is great when shooting in an outdoor Airsoft field. You can even get Airsoft BBs that glow in the dark for night fights!


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