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Gas Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Gas Airsoft Gun Maintenance

  1. Read your specific Airsoft gun's manual. It will provide basic understanding of how to care for your airsoft gun. It will also point out differences that are specific to your gun.
  2. After using gun, wipe away any dirt off the gun and especially any mechanical parts. Release any remaining gas from magazine. Then lubricate all of the moving parts with 100% silicone oil.
  3. Always keep the gas canister inverted when filling the magazine. See your user manual for a detailed description.
  4. Never over charge your gun. 10-15 seconds should be enough. Overcharging will cause damage to your magazine and gun.

Operating Your Gas Airsoft Gun

  1. Remove magazine from the pistol by pushing the magazine release button, and completely remove the magazine.

    Spring Gun

  2. Fill the magazine with the green gas canister. Make sure both the magazine and gas canister are perfectly pointed up and down. Most normal magazines fill in around 10 to 15 seconds.

    Spring Gun

  3. After you have filled the magazine with green gas go ahead and load the BBs. Pull down the magazine follower and load em’ in!

    Spring Gun

  4. Once you have loaded the gun with gas and the magazine with BBs, cock the gun and get shooting!


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