Top 5 Sniper Rifles Of February 2014


Snipers are the unseen and silent killers of the Airsoft battlefield.  Loved by few and feared by all, snipers are quite an appealing position on the Airsoft field, as long as you are a crack shot that is.  One of the cool features on many Airsoft Sniper Rifles is the “bolt action” feature.  Milsim (military simulation) fanatics love it because it mimics the operation of real bolt action firearms.  

There are a lot of great Airsoft Sniper Rifles out there.  Most are spring powered, but there are quite a few gas or electric powered sniper rifles.  Whatever you do, make sure to get a scope with your order!  I’ve compiled a top five list of my favorite Airsoft Sniper Rifles on Hobbytron.   And they are:

1)      M14 Garand Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Now this is one awesome Airsoft Sniper Rifle that lucky for you, is way, waaaaaaaay underpriced.  It’s super lightweight, has incredible range and power.  Plus it comes with a generous 37 round magazine, flashlight and red dot scope.  If you are an Airsoft newbie who wants to be a sniper, this is a wonderful weapon for newbs.


  • Durable Metal And Plastic  Body
  • Accessories Included
  • Integrated Rail System
  • Full Rear Stock

2)   KJW M700 Take Down Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 


It shoots at 700 Feet Per Second!!  What else can I say?  700 FPS!!  But besides that fact, this Airsoft Sniper Rifle is exceptional in every way.  Besides being super powerful, it’s also very accurate (accuracy and power go hand in hand) and is easy to break down, so you can get out quick if need be.  Add a scope and you’ll be unstoppable!  Oh and one more thing…. 700 FPS!!


  • High Quality Metal And Plastic Construction
  • Green Gas Powered
  • Integrated Rail System
  • Bolt Action
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • 700 FPS!

3) King Arms Kalashnikov Airsoft Sniper Rifle

AK Sniper fans, this is the Airsoft Rifle for you!  Modeled after Russia’s premier sniper rifle, this SVD has an extremely high FPS of 475 which is amazing for a spring powered Airsoft Rifle.   Just add a scope to the side integrated rail system and you are ready to go!  Get comfortable with the included cheek rest and get shooting!


  • Authentic Replica
  • Full Metal And Nylon Fiber Construction
  • Cheek Rest
  • 30 Round Magazine

4) G&G G96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Now if you got money to burn, this is the ultimate realistic Airsoft Sniper Rifle.  This beast has a ridiculous range (over 400 feet!) backed up with unstoppable power.  With a quick adjustable hop up and rail on top just waiting for a scope, this bolt action sniper will be your best friend on the field.  Just find a high hidden spot and the opposition will never find you!


  • Bolt Action
  • Green Gas Powered
  • Full Metal And Nylon Fiber Construction
  • 500 FPS

5)  World Tech Arms JP 957B Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Have some good clean backyard fun with this G36 style springer Airsoft Sniper Rifle.  This super inexpensive and simple Airsoft sniper has quite a few fancy features like, a rail system, a folding stock and a bipod.  It also comes with the all-important safety glasses and BBs.


  • Integrated Rail System
  • Folding Stock And Bipod
  • 220 FPS
  • Safety Glasses And BBs Included

Thanks for reading and I would love to know what you guys love to shoot.  Don’t forget to check out all the great Airsoft Sniper Rifles they sell at Hobbytron here: