Top 5 RC Tanks Of 2013

Face it.  There isn’t anything much cooler out there than tank.  That’s why RC tanks are uber cool, especially the Airsoft variety!  Traditionally for extreme hobbyists, most high quality RC tanks will set you back a lot of green.  Never fear though, I found a few pretty neat RC Tanks at Hobbytron that won’t cost you a pretty penny (well, I had to add one expensive RC Tank to the list because it was just too awesome!).

The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite RC Tanks you can find on Hobbytron:

1)       M141 Abrams RC Airsoft Tank


Awesomely detailed? Check! Fully featured? Check! Super low price tag? Check!  Fires Airsoft BBs over 10 feet? Check! Should you get this amazing RC Airsoft tank? Check, check CHECK!!  This sweet has RC Airsoft Tank really has it all!


  • Heavy Duty ABS Plastic Design
  • Thumb Style 8 Function Transmitter
  • 340 Degrees Swiveling Gun Turret
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Weathered Finish

2)       VS Tank Tiger 1 Panzer RC Airsoft Tank




VS Tanks is one of the newer RC Tank manufacturers out there and man oh man, do they make some sweet products!  This Tiger I has all the features you’d expect on a $300 RC tank but it sells for almost half of that.  I really like how the turret swings a full 360 degrees and the hot recoil action!


  • Real Tank Treads
  • Detailed Paint Job
  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter
  • Recoil Action
  • Realistic Sound Effects

3)       M1A2 RC Tank

Although not a full featured Airsoft RC Tank, this lil’ M1A2 is still a lot of fun to mess around with and makes a great gift for a child.   It features real sound effects, is super simple to control and has an irresistible price tag !


  • Durable And Detailed Plastic Body
  • Sound Effects
  • Easy To Control

4)          US M4A3 Sherman RC Airsoft Tank


If you are Sherman fan like myself, this is a solid choice. This Airsoft RC Tank looks amazing and isn’t all that expensive!  It includes all the bells and whistles you’d expect, but the thing that really sets this RC tank apart is the recoil action after every shot!


  • Detailed Paint Job
  • Shoots Airsoft BBs
  • Recoil Action
  • Comes With Solider And Equipment Accessories

5)       IMEX Jagdpanther RC Airsoft Tank


Expensive as all heck but worth every penny, the IMEX Jagdpanther is the ultimate RC Airsoft Tank!  Already upgraded to the max with metal treads and a gearbox, this RC tank looks like someone took a time machine back to WW2, found a Jagdpanther Tank, used a shrink ray to reduce its size to 1:16 scale and added a 2.4GHz transmitter!  Not only does this beast shoot BBs but it has real smoke and sounds as well.


  • 2.4GHz Frequency
  • Working Suspension
  • Detailed Paintjob
  • Metal Treads And Gearbox
  • Shoots Airsoft BBs And Smoke
  • Real Sounds

I would love to see what RC Tanks strike your fancy.  Don’t forget to check out all the great RC Tanks they sell at Hobbytron here: