Top 5 RC Robots

Robokid Programmable Disc Shooting RC Robot

As of a child of the 1980s, having a personal robot has always been one of my dreams.  Although robot technology hasn’t advanced quite to the level as seen in the movie “Short Circuit,” there are still a lot of cool RC robots out there that your kids will love!

I’ve seen a lot of great RC Robots while working here at Hobbytron.  The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite RC Robots on the market today:

1)  BitBot X Voice Recording RC Robot

1)	BitBot X Voice Recording RC Robot

RC Robots with lots of features can be really expensive, but not the BitBot X.  This little guy has lots of features like full movement, obstacle sensors, a dance mode and it can record/playback sounds!  That is quite an amazing value for only $20!!


  • Can Move Forward And Spin
  • Record And Playback Sound
  • Dance Mode
  • Obstacle Sensors
  • LED Lights

2) Combat Creatures RC Robots

2)	Combat Creatures RC Robots

This Combat Creatures RC Robot is a blast to play with especially when you have two!  This six legged monster bot fires foam darts or discs.  Grab another and you can have some epic battles!!  If your Combat Creature gets shot, it’s leg armor will fly off!  This thing is just too much darn fun!


  • Six Legs
  • Fires Foam Darts Up To 35 Feet
  • Exploding Armor
  • Can Battle With Other Combat Creatures RC Robots

3) Robokid Programmable Disc Shooting RC Robot

3)	Robokid Programmable Disc Shooting RC Robot

If a child in your life needs a new playmate, why not get them a Robokid?  This cool RC Robot can be your best buddy since it can dance with you, shoot foam discs at your rivals and you can even program it to do some sweet custom moves!  Who needs real friends when you got a real life robo buddy?


  • Full Movement
  • Shoots Foam Discs
  • Program Up To 12 Actions
  • Dance Mode With Lights And Music

4)  Doodle Bug Spiral Art Drawing Robot

4)	Doodle Bug Spiral Art Drawing Robot

The Doodle Bug is a budding artist’s best friend!  It can make awesome custom spiral art and can hold up to five markers at once!  It is great way to enhance your child’s creativity and imagination!


  • Automatically Draws Spiral Art
  • Holds Up To 5 Different Markers
  • Several Different Patterns To Choose From

5) Hip Hop Pet Pink Piggy Pig MP3 Dancing Speakers

5)	Hip Hop Pet Pink Piggy Pig MP3 Dancing Speakers

You would never guess that this cute looking Hip Hop Pet is actually a speaker that can attach to your phone or computer.  Better yet, it dances and lights up with several different colors!  This RC robot is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!!


  • Cute Look
  • Dances To The Beat Of The Music
  • Lights Up With Several Different Colors

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