Top 5 RC Boats Of 2013

I think that RC boats are waaaaay woefully underrepresented by RC enthusiasts.  Everyone these days is always clamoring over RC cars and RC helicopters, but no one is talking about RC boats.  And it is a darn shame!  A darn shame I tell ya!!  RC boats are a lot of fun and since most are fairly inexpensive, they’re a must have in my humble opinion!

Whether you are looking for something small to race around the pool or a decked out super speed boat that can go 50+ mph, it can be tricky to find the perfect RC boat.  The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite RC Boats here at Hobbytron:

1)       Atlantic Sport Yacht RC Boat – $59.95


Yeah!  Now you can party in style with your own Atlantic Style Sport Yacht!  Sure it may not be big enough to get inside, but it is still a yacht of your very own!  Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  This RC Boat is fairly speedy, inexpensive, easy to control and comes with all the batteries you need!  And don’t forget, it can be your own personal yacht!  What else could you ask for?


  • Full Function Remote Control
  • 380 Class High Speed Motor
  • Dual Rear Propellers
  • Ready to Run

2)       MX Superior Speed Racing RC Boat $29.95



If speed boats are more your thing, then the MX Superior Speed RC Speed Boat is for you!  It has a lot of speed in the title so it must be fast!  Besides the speedy dual propeller motor, it is fairly inexpensive and it also features a pirate style steering wheel RC transmitter.


  • Telescoping Antenna
  • Fun Decals
  • Full Function Wheel Style Remote Control
  • Dual Rear Propellers

3)       Traxxas Blast RC Speed Boat – $179.95


Now this is a real RC boat for RC enthusiasts.  Although this comes pre-built and RTR (ready to run), you might wanna stay away from this one if you are afraid of opening your toolbox. Traxxas is known for making some of the most amazing technical RCs out there and this RC boat doesn’t disappoint.  The Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable and easy to drive. And boy does it show.  Yeah, there are better and faster RC boats out there, but you’ll have to spend a couple more extra hundred dollars to own one.


  • TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Stinger 20-Turn Motor
  • Steerable Outdrive
  • Built-In Foam Floatation
  • Surface Piercing Propeller
  • Fully Assembled and Ready-to-Race

4)       Challenger Aircraft Carrier RC Boat – $59.95


Not only does this Aircraft carrier look super cool, but it is a huge RC boat as well! At 30 inches long, this beauty is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiigg and packed full with full armaments and details.  Protect your pool from invaders with this bad boy!


  • Full Function Radio Control
  • Independent Propeller Control
  • Detailed Paint and Modeling
  • Lights

5)                     Mako RC Submarine – $29.95


Dive and see why bath time is so much fun with the Mako RC submarine.  Kids love playing with this yellow fellow in the pool, lake or bathtub. It’s also fairly easy to control and cheap as all heck.  Unfortunately there aren’t too many RC submarines on the market today, but this Mako is solid choice.


  • Durable Plastic Body
  • Dual Motor
  • Dives Up To 4 Feet Deep
  • Runs Above And Under Water
  • Easy To Control

I would love to know what you guys love to sail.  Don’t forget to check out all the great RC Boats they sell at Hobbytron here: