Top 5 Coolest High Tech Toys

3) Combat Zone RC Hummer Ride On Electric Car

Toys certainly have changed a lot ever since I was a kid, especially when it comes to technology.  Remember those tethered RC planes that only flew in circle?  Now-a-days, you can grab a RC plane that has a HD camera and is controlled by your phone.  There are so many crazy and super high tech toys out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift.

But, don’t you worry?  I’ve seen a lot of awesome toys that can even make a grownup excited! The following list describes my personal Top 5 high Tech Toys that you can find on Hobbytron:

1) Kaotiks Thunderwave Electric RC Playset

1)	Kaotiks Thunderwave Electric RC Playset

Man, only if I could put the Kaotiks Thunderwave into a time machine and send it to my eight year old self.  This fully customizable stunt arena is just too much fun. This playset comes with all the ramps, jumps and walls you need to pull off sweet tricks, jumps and spin outs with ease!  Grab another Kaotiks playset for frantic two person driving in one giant combined super stunt arena!


  • RC Car Can Pull Off Amazing Stunts
  • Buildable And Customizable Driving Arena
  • Compatible With Other Kaoticks Playsets

2) Thames & Kosmos Stirling Engine

2)	Thames & Kosmos Stirling Engine

For you budding scientists out there, the Sitling Engine is one cool education toy that is also tons of fun.  With this kit, you can collect the sun’s rays to charge the included RC car!  It also comes with a full color 64 manual explain the science behind this wonder.


  • Educational And Fun
  • Powered By The Sun’s Rays
  • Includes RC Car That’s Charged By The Stirling Engine

3) Combat Zone RC Hummer Ride On Electric Car

3)	Combat Zone RC Hummer Ride On Electric Car
They may not be 16 years old yet but you can get your kids driving with this child sized Combat Zone Hummer.  They’ll like turret that lights up and plays real sound.  You’ll like the safety belt and the adjustable seat.  You’ll both love that this mini Hummer is controllable by the interior controls or the included RC transmitter!  Those trips to the mall will never be the same…


  • Includes Adjustable Seat And Safety Belt
  • Full Function Control
  • Can Be Controlled By RC Transmitter
  • Real Lights And Sound

4) Thames & Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab

4)	Thames & Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab

Turn your child into a super sleuth with the Forensics Fingerprint Lab.  This kit comes with everything you need for your child to collect, analyze and identify fingerprints.  Once they mastered that, it also includes a game to test your child’s knowledge! 


  • Learn How To Collect And File Fingerprints
  • Fun And Educational
  • Includes Detective Game

5) Pink Intellective Girls Computer

 Pink Intellective Girls Computer

In this modern world, it’s important to get your child interested in technology, but some feel that phones and tablets are too much.  The Intellective Girls computer is a great way to introduce computing to your daughter since it is totally devoted to education.  It will also keep them entertained with real music, sound and voice effects.


  • Cute Pink Design
  • 36 Educational Activities Like Alphabet, Words, Math And Music
  • Music, Sound And Voice Effects

What Toys you guys go gaga for?  Don’t forget to check out all the great Toys they sell at Hobbytron.