5 reasons why you should consider a mini drone as your first drone

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The big question that has haunted humanity since, well, forever actually has always been whether size does actually matter. Maybe you’re a firm believe of the motto, “the bigger, the better” or maybe you’ve just had great experiences with larger things (don’t be a pervert!), either way, you’ve heard a lot about mini drones and the greatness they can have.

I mean, there’s nothing actually wrong with your normal sized drone, it’s just that it’s kind of heavy to carry around. It also takes up a lot of room, inviting multiple stares as you make your way to the park with a giant obnoxious drone in one hand and conflicted smile. If you’re considering making a big change by getting a smaller drone, than consider the following. Who knows — you’ll probably change your mind about the tiny and switch sides for once. Continue reading…

5 reasons why RC helicopters are the next drone

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Though drones seem to be the future of hobbies, we can’t quickly forget our first childhood: RC helicopters. Drones may be the newest cool thing around, but RC helicopters are definitely making a come back, and our selection of RC helicopters is proof of that.

Which is why we’ve compiled some reasons why RC helicopters are the new drones. Though they may not seem as cool as the latest camera drones, they are still handy, fast and fun. Remember that RC helicopters have still got it. Continue reading…

Cause we’re all thinking it: How to fly a drone the right way


In this segment of “Cause we’re all thinking it” we would like to address the question you’ve been asking in your head but are too afraid to say out-loud cause people are kind of cruel- How to you fly a drone.

Technology is a tricky thing, that doesn’t come naturally to most people, because it’s, well, not natural. The recent boom in technology advances and new versions and tools for almost anything that has ever been invented makes it difficult to navigate the newest gadgets. So its okay if you don’t know much about drones or quadcopters, or how they work. Truthfully, the idea of controlling something that actually flies, especially at the speed some of these drones are now being programmed as, can be intimidating, which is why we gave a run-through of what you need to know about drones, what their different parts do, and how to fly them. It’s okay to cry tears of relief.

Continue reading…

5 helpful things you should know before buying a quadcopter


Quadcopters are pretty awesome; they will never disappoint, that is unless you crash it to a tree, than that’s all on you (just saying). Though often confused with drones, quadcopters are one of the most popular types of drones, easily noticeable by its four rotor design.

We want you to have the best quadcopter flying experience, and that might mean learning a few things or two about quadcopters in general. You might look at this list of tips and think “doy!”, but believe us when we say that sometimes even the most face-palming facts can be the most overlooked. So here goes….patience please!

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RC Drones at Hobbytron


Brand new RC drones are now available at Hobbytron. You will find Drones of many sizes, prices and channels.

These are great for hobbyists that want to get more out of their flight. With 4CH complete control you can fly these drones in all directions. Plus add a camera mount to the drone and recorded your flight, perfect for photography and videography.

Here are a few examples of some of the high tech RC drones for sale. Continue reading…