Top 5 Airsoft Vests

Condor Outdoor Airsoft Elite Tactical Vest/Pistol Pelt

If you want to be a serious Airsoft player, a good quality Airsoft Vest is an absolute must!  Not only does it lug your most important equipment within arm’s reach, but it plays an important role in camouflage, team identification and protection.

There are loads of Airsoft vests out there, from simple cheap fanny-pack like vests or full tactical vests with a belt that wouldn’t look out of place on a Navy Seal.  It can be really confusing to find the perfect one for your situation that isn’t overpriced.  But never fear, Jacob is here to alleviate your Airsoft woes yet again! The following list describes my personal Top 5 favorite Airsoft Vests on Hobbytron: Continue reading…