DC Comics Helicopters Featured On Comicbook.com

Comicbook.com is the authority when it comes to anything comic book related. What greater comic book icons are there than Batman and Superman? Comicbook.com showcases our Batman, Joker, and Superman RC Helicopters. Here’s what they had to say:

“The folks over at Hobbytron have just sent us an e-mail touting their new line of DC Entertainment-licensed RC helicopters.

When you read “Look, up to the sky…it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a flying Superman helicopter,” it’s esy enough to expect that the e-mail you’re opening will offer a look at a pretty standard toy chopper with Superman branding on the side, a la the line of “Superman at 75″ Matchbox cars released last year.

From World Tech Toys (and apparently licensed some time ago because they’re still using the DC Comics logo that went out of fashion at the start of the New 52), though, we get the image above — helicopters that actually look like Superman (in his New 52 costume, but minus the collar — so a bit like the first wave of post-relaunch action figures from Target), Batman and the Joker (both appearing as they did in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight).

Here’s the official blurb for the product, with a link to purchase inside:

Fun anytime of the year, but especially in celebrating graduates big day, Father’s Day and the ideal time before Comic Con rolls around this summer – the three channel infra-red control copter have two rotors allow for precise movement- go forward, backward, up, down, left, right and hover.    Easy to fly – both inside and outdoors – the DC Comic copters (Superman, Batman and Joker) also feature LED headlights, and a built-in rechargeable battery pack.

Check it out here: http://www.hobbytron.com/WorldTechToysJoker2CHIRRCHelicopter.html

The helicopters retail for $34.95, or you can get all three for $79.95.

Unbreakable Hercules Featured on Popular Mechanics

The Popular Mechanics office has been abuzz with our helicopters this last couple weeks. Here is a write up they sent us on our Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter and our NBA Licensed Los Angeles Clippers Helicopter.

“I have spent the past two weeks buzzing my colleagues and crashing these remote-controlled choppers into bookshelves. A self-taught and utterly incapable pilot, I confess that I almost beheaded an editor with the Hercules Unbreakable RC Helicopter’s whirring blades and that I landed the NBA Licensed Remote Control Helicopter inside a trashcan—twice.

Now that I’m done terrorizing the office, let’s take a closer look at two of our favorite RC helicopters from World Tech Toys.

Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter

Price: $59.95
Charge time: 90 to 120 minutes for 8 minutes of flight time.

First of all, this thing is enormous. At 15 inches long and 7.5 inches high, Hercules lives up to its name. And its rotors—a ridiculous 13 inches in diameter—kick up enough wind to knock papers off your desk. (I found out the hard way).

You would think a helicopter the size of a football wouldn’t work well indoors, around breakable objects and irritable people. But the Hercules soon became an office favorite. Its built-in gyroscope provides maximum stability, which meant far fewer aerial disasters. I did blow it on one particularly sharp bank and Hercules’ “unbreakable” polymer frame literally took a beating, but the helo managed to fly another day.

One word of caution: The frame is unbreakable, but the rotors are not. Our set came with two replacement rotors and a tiny screwdriver, but, as any RC enthusiast knows, the aircraft never flies quite the same after you’ve swapped out the originals. I’ve massacred my fair share of RC helicopters, but always by ripping through rotors and never by smashing the body of the aircraft itself.

The Hercules is by far the most easy-to-handle RC helicopter that I’ve ever flown, and it’s perfect for a beginner with a penchant for mid-air collisions.

NBA Licensed Los Angeles Clippers Helicopter

Price: $39.95
Charge time: 40 minutes for 5 minutes of flight time.

The Clippers and their owner were suffering through some particularly bad press at the time this branded helo showed up at our office (perhaps World Tech Toys meant to send us the Miami Heat helicopter instead). Nevertheless, I had high hopes for this tiny copter. At 8 inches long and 4 inches high, it handled relatively well indoors. But after only one crash, I chipped a stabilizer. Since then it just hasn’t flown the same.

Even before I damaged the Clipper copter, this model was difficult to fly. I passed it around the office and while the direction controls performed decently, beginners could hardly control its altitude. That meant frequent, violent encounters with the floor or ceiling.

But there is one major plus and that’s your ability to customize. For too long, the RC helicopter market has been full of nameless choppers that do nothing for your team pride. These NBA licensed models are available for a nice selection of teams (though not all are available). That makes them the perfect present for your favorite armchair pilot/sports fan who might just need a gift for Father’s Day.”

Check out all of our other NBA Licensed RC Helicopters on HobbyTron.com.

View a PDF of this article here.

You can view the original post on Popular Mechanics here.

RoboKid Disc Shooting RC Robot

Who doesn’t love robots? They’re basically taking over the world at this point so why not grab one of your own before the robot apocalypse? That’s right, RoboKid! You can program a ton of commands and shoot discs out of his mouth. No one will stand in your way with RoboKid!

Rex Hercules RC Helicopter

We’ve talked about the Hercules RC Helicopters before but have you seen the Rex Hercules? It’s the smallest of the RC Helicopters but is no less tough. It can still take up to 200 pounds and is unbreakable!