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DC Comics Has a New and SUPER License!

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HobbyTron has partnered with DC Comics to bring you, our HobbyTron fans, some of the best RC Helicopters on the market. The DC Comics 2CH RC Helicopters, featuring Superman, Batman, and the Joker! You can stage your own battle between Superman and Batman before the upcoming blockbuster  Recreate the climatic battle between the Joker and Batman in the Dark Knight! So grab these copters today!

You’ll Never Believe This New NBA License!

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Oh yes, the NBA has a lot of licensed products out there but this new one is certainly unique. Who knew that RC Helicopters would be the next bold frontier for the National Basketball Association? Funny thing, they’re actually pretty solid. With copters for a ton of teams and players, why not pick one up and see if they can take on the court?

These RC Helicopters Have To Be SEEN To Be Believed!

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We’ve all had a toy Helicopter at one point or another, but World Tech Toys have some that are truly mind blowing! Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Sky Messenger is something that would be perfect for the office, or to play pranks on your friends. Since you can customize anything, the possibilities are endless!

If you’re an NBA fan, or friends with one, you can’t go wrong with the 3.5CH NBA RC Helicopters. Featuring a bevy of teams, these copters are perfect for true fan collectors!

For anyone on the go, the Pocket Heli is the way to go. You can fit in right in your pocket (hence the name) and it can charge right from the remote. That’s one heck of a package!