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Cyma Swat Team CM123 Electric Airsoft Pistol Review

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Shamus brings us his review on the Cyma Swat Team CM123. Pick yours up today at:

— Electric Powered
— Metal Construction
— Rechargeable Battery Pack
— Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
— FPS: 260

For a fun alternative to spring pistols electric pistols are fun and easy to use. Check out our fun selection here:

In the world of Airsoft there are hundreds of styles of guns available and we have them all. If you want to pick up the best guns on the market you’ve come to the right place. Check out our intense selection of Airsoft rifles here:

And as always, let us know what you think!

Airsoft Rifle Video Reviews

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We’ve posted about this before, but I’m just reminding everyone that we put out several Airsoft video reviews a week on YouTube, right on over at! We cover all kinds of Airsoft guns, currently we’re tackling Airsoft Rifles! So check out the video above and see what else we’ve got. Hopefully it helps with your Airsoft purchase!

How To Get Into Airsoft

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If you follow this blog regularly (And you should don’t you know) you know I post about Airsoft a lot. One question I often get asked, especially with people who join up with us, is how exactly to get into Airsoft? For all you Airsoft vets out there, it may seem obvious but to the outside world it’s a bit trickier world to navigate. THUS, I created this helpful little article. Let me know what you think! If there anything I should add? Change? What advice would you give to somehow just starting out in Airsoft? Let us know!

How To Get Into Airsoft

HobbyTron Free Monthly Giveaway: Airsoft Edition

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We know everyone loves Airsoft, you guys make that known every day with your purchases. So we decided to listen to what our fans want and so this months free giveaway is the Swiss Arms Airsoft Pistol! Head on over to our site to grab it right now at the low low price of FREE!

If you’re an Airsoft fan, you can’t go wrong with this package since it not only includes the gun but BB’s and two magazines! If you haven’t stepped into the world of Airsoft, now is the time to do it! So head on over to our site and grab the gun here!

New V-Force SCAR Airsoft Rifles In Stock!

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Hobbytron is proud to feature four new super high end SCAR style Airsoft rifles!  These hot new items are officially licensed by SCAR firearm manufacturer FN Herstal and look and feel like the real deal!!  Yeah, they are a little on the pricey side but if you want the ultimate SCAR inspired Airsoft rifle that will last a lifetime, then this is the way to go!!  Each SCAR Airsoft gun features high quality lightweight metal and poly-fiber construction, adjustable folding stock and a high capacity magazine.  Here is a direct link to each one:

Introducing the New Hobbytron Learning Center!

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Hey there! Got a quick n’ short post for ya’ll this time. Hobbytron is proud to announce the grand opening of the new Learning Center!

Got any questions about Airsoft or RC vehicles?  Never fear, the Hobbytron Learning Center is here!! Think of it as a Wikipedia devoted to all things RC and Airsoft.  This is a great resource if your are a total Airsoft or RC newbie.  It should help you find the perfect product for your needs and get you started in these exciting hobbies.  We also feature plenty of articles that should prove to be useful for expert Airsofters and RC drivers as well!

Make sure to keep checking back often because we are adding new articles all the time!

Start reading here:

Top 5 Airsoft AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) Of 2013

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AEGs are the most common type of Airsoft guns on the field, so you are going to need one!  A good quality high performance AEG Airsoft Rifle will be your main weapon on the Airsoft field.  If you want an Airsoft gun that will last, you’ll need to spend at least around $75-$100.  If you want an elite Airsoft rifle that is ready for upgrades and ready to dominate the field, you should spend at least $175-$250.  So yeah, this is a big investment so you’ll need to consider your options wisely.