About the Authors



Jacob is RC enthusiast, an active Airsoft player and a social media promoter.  He is originally from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California and has traveled all over the world.  He joined Hobbytron in the winter of 2012. In his free time, Jacob loves racing offroad RC trucks up in the hills and singing karaoke.  His favorite thing about working at Hobbytron is the community atmosphere, testing out the new Airsoft guns and playing with all the hottest new RC vehicles!



Some people may have normal bios, but Shamus don’t do that sort of thing. Hit it!

Who’s that videographer, that catches all the footage live? 

Darn right.

Who is the man, who flies helicopters right out of his hand?
Can ya dig it?

Who’s got that Red Cat out?

And will drive it all about?


Right on.

They say this RC fiend Shamus is one bad-

(Shut your mouth!)

But I’m talking about Shamus!

He’s a complicated man,

But no one understands him but his camera!



Fatal is a professional Airsoft player and Hobbytron’s numero uno YouTube Star.  She is a native of Santa Clarita and joined Hobbytron in the fall of 2013. In her free time, Fatal loves taking out the opposing team in Airsoft battles, hanging out with Manny, piloting RC helicopters, camping and playing with her cute little doggy.



Manny (aka Dr. Manny D. Mannequin) is a man of mystery. Graduating from the University of “Ahhhh!” in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Manny hopes to make a positive mark on the world by helping others.  According to Fatal he’s a great friend who loves to shoot Airsoft guns and play with RC toys, but she doesn’t have any proof. Shamus thinks it’s all in her head. After all, Manny is just a mannequin…. Right?