5 helpful things you should know before buying a quadcopter

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Quadcopters are pretty awesome; they will never disappoint, that is unless you crash it to a tree, than that’s all on you (just saying). Though often confused with drones, quadcopters are one of the most popular types of drones, easily noticeable by its four rotor design.

We want you to have the best quadcopter flying experience, and that might mean learning a few things or two about quadcopters in general. You might look at this list of tips and think “doy!”, but believe us when we say that sometimes even the most face-palming facts can be the most overlooked. So here goes….patience please!

1. Not all drones are quadcopters, and vice versa

As mentioned earlier, quadcopters are not actually drones, they’re just a type of drone. Does that make sense? Pretty much look out for a drone with four rotors and you’ll know that’s a quadcopter, and if that still doesn’t help, check out our helpful guideline.

8 RC cars that prove their as great as the real deal

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Cars are very expensive, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of driving that sweet ride even Vin Diesel wouldn’t resist. Just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean its completely impossible to attain- It just means you need to think bigger, or rather, smaller. RC cars are a thing (yes, a “thing”) and are often times adored as much as the actual vehicles they emulate.

Collectors and car enthusiasts of all kind can agree that it takes a special RC car to set it apart from other poser “car toys”- the real RC cars are the ones that go as fast as their size will allow them. Here are eight RC cars that prove size doesn’t matter. These juniors would make their real life car daddies proud.

1.Drift GT Mercedes-Benz SLR 1:10 Electric RTR RC Car


Ah, drifting- The Japanese driving sport that influenced the world, going as far as inspiring many car movie favorites (you know…the ones that use the words ‘fast’ and ‘furious’ in their titles). Like the real-life Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, the Drift GT Mecedes-Benz SLR 1:10 Electric RTR RC car has enough power to make drifting an easy sport. The 20+ Real MPH will give this RC car the right amount of speed it needs to drift those sharp corners like a pro, making drifting just another hobby you’ve mastered.


2. Licensed Chevrolet Camaro 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car


The signature stripes still make Chevrolet Camaros one of the most classic sport cars in car history- Unfortunately (depending on your bank account), its also made them one of the most expensive. The Chevrolet Camaro 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car though makes for a great replacement; filling up the space in your heart without having to fill up your garage space. The full function transmitter and rubber tires are signature Camaro, giving you every detail and feature the real-life Camaro is known for, and who doesn’t like that?

3. XStreet Porsche 911 GT3RS 1:10 RTR Electric RC Car



Nothings smoother than a Porsche…well, maybe aside from the models that showcase Porsches at car shows. The XStreet Porsche is no exception, making it one of the most sought out Porsches by car lovers everywhere and exceptionally rare. The XStreet Porsche 911 GT3RS 1:10 RTR Electric Car is the closest thing to any Porsche lover’s dream- Its affordable. easy-to-use, and similar to the real-life Porsche legend. With velocity and smoothness like this,, you’d think you were driving the Porsche XStreet out of the dealership.


4. XStreet Lamborghini Veneno 1:18 RTR Electric RC Car



Lamborghinis- Easy to say but hard to spell, these car gems are still considered one of the stylish cars to have ever hit the road. The luxury car brand was one of the first to give sports car an array of wealth and style, which makes owning one a darn expensive thing to do. The next big thing (or small thing, whatever way you look at it) is the XStreet Lamborghini Veneo 1:18 RTR Electric RC Car,

5. Extreme Machines Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car


The Ford Mustang. Even saying it out loud will give you the goosebumps. The Ford Mustang is such a classic, its no surprise there have been many combinations of new features, styles and colors. Ford Mustangs are very sought after, which makes them a tad pricy, but that’s okay because Extreme Machines released the Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car. As much of a Ford Mustang as the actual vehicle, Extreme Machines Ford Mustang Tri-Band 1:10 RTR RC Car is a combination of the old and modern Ford Mustang, while still maintaing a speed velocity that honors the classic model.


6. Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car



No, it is not uncool to call yourself “cool”. You’re just being honest, that’s all. The Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car is definitely cool because, well, it’s a replica of Aston Martin, which can’t get more awesome than that, except it does. With an all function transmitter that gives the RC the jolt it needs, you can be assured that the Cool Driver Aston Martin Style RTR Electric RC Car is the RC car to make you feel- you guessed it- cool.


7. Licensed RC Ferrari 458 Italia 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car


Ferraris aren’t just made but for millionaires anymore, but they’re also meant for the real car lovers that admire vehicles for their potential and not just their luxury. The Licensed RC Ferrari 458 Italia 1:18 Electric RTR RC Car sounds fancy, cause it is, but is also an ode to one of the classiest of cars by staying to true its speed and dependency with its full radio control and high gloss detail.


8. Licensed Audi R8 LMS 1:14 Electric RTR RC Car


Audis are a man’s best friend: their liable, attainable but still so much fun to own. Not everyone can find themselves a good Audi to maintain, which is why Audi decided t answer our prayers and provide us with the Licensed Audi R8 LMS 1: 14 Electric RTR RC Car, for anyone who wants to give an Audi a spin before committing. The Audi RC Car is truly  a doppleganger of the real thing: its transmitter, dependable tires and great body well give you a taste of what owning an Audi is really like.

8 memes that will motivate you to get a Father’s Day gift already

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Father’s Day is coming up….actually, it’s practically here. Your father will expecting a thoughtful gift THIS SUNDAY, because, well, THIS SUNDAY IS FATHER’S DAY. Yes, this Sunday.

If your eyes instantly grew two sizes reading this, than you likely procrastinated this year, and more than likely haven’t bough your pops a gift yet. We can feel sorry for you, or we can try to help you-Thank fully we’ll go with the later.

Our Hobbytron Father’s Day Sale is still going on, offering you great prices on the stuff your dad actually wants, like a drone, you know, cause all the cool dads have one. But if that still isn’t enough for you than we have here a collection of eight memes that will hopefully convince you to take action pronto. c

1. Sometimes you need some motivational words that will drive you to get a Father’s Day gift already. 



2. Like a lot of motivational words



3. Or maybe some tougher words would do?


4. Or scare tactics?


5. Because we all know what you’ll be feeling once you’re at Wal-mart on Father’s Day morning with the other thousands of procrastinating offsprings.


6. I mean, if you do get him an awesome gift  you’d instantly be the favorite, right?


7. Or, if you forget, you could be the least favorite….


8. Just remember to actually get your dad something, cause technology fails and mediocre things like tagging them on a Facebook post just isn’t enough for your old man.


5 Father’s Day gifts that will blow him away, without blowing your money

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Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.27.45 PM


Ah, Father’s Day- Possibly one of the least celebrated of holidays. Don’t get us wrong; we think dads rule, but their usually overshadowed by the other half of the parental spectrum, also known as M-O-M.

Though I’m sure you love your father very much-or at least respect him enough to remember Father’s Day is in June- we are pretty certain you still haven’t figured what to get him exactly. I mean, come on- You do have a couple weeks left, but before you know it, those couple weeks are going to turn into a couple days, then a couple hours and then a couple of awkward minutes as you see your dad eye you with disappointment and visible hurt. Nobody wants that.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of Father’s Day gifts that will seem like you put a lot of thought into it, when in reality, we did all of the thinking for you. You can thank us later, but first thank your old man.


Blade Scout CX 3CH 2.4GHz RC HelicopterHZ-BLH2700-lg

Remember when your dad would drop you off at Boy Scouts? Well now you can repay him by getting him the Blade Scout RC Helicopter!

Ok…. that may have been a poor way to convince you this RC helicopter is actually awesome, so lets juts have its great features speak for itself.

This 2.4 GHz RC helicopter weighs only over half of an once, but what it lacks in size it makes up with high velocity and Blade engineering which no one can argue its awesomeness. So, was that better than the Boy Scouts reference?


DC Comics Licensed World Tech Toys Batman 3.5CH IR RC Helicopter


Did your dad ever do that “dad thing” where he would dress up as a beloved childhood character just to crack a smile out of you? Maybe it was Han Solo for your Star Wars movie marathon, or Spiderman for your birthday, it’s more than likely you have seen your dad suck in his gut and pretend he was your hero, one way or another.

The DC Comics Licensed World Tech Toys Batman RC Helicopters are definitely the perfect thank you for those silly moments. It says, “Dad, you were actually always my hero, and this Batman helicopter is here to remind you of that.” Are you tearing up yet? Well maybe these Batman, Spiderman or Joker RC helicopter rotors can dry those tears up. Yeah, they’re that fast.


Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH Camera RC Spy DroneZX-34937-md

In the words of Mugatu from the 2001 hit Zoolander: Drones are so hot right now.

Yes, he was actually talking about male model Hansel, but that doesn’t matter because it is true: Drones are hot right now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The World Tech Toys Striker drone is definite proof of how far drone technology has gone. With a built-in video camera and its 2GB memory card, the Striker drone allows your hip tech dad to easily upload his photos to his hip tech blog…or Facebook. Don’t be embarrassed; everyone’s dad is on Facebook.


3D Robotics IRIS+ Quadcopter 2.4GHz 9CH RC DroneWY-3DR0171-lg

So your dad has always been the more serious of dads, and his drone obsession is no exception. Though the Striker is a great drone, it still may not be extreme enough for your dad’s extreme drone enthusiasm.

That’s where the 3D Robotics IRIS Quadcopter comes in.

The price may seem steep but any 3D Robotics drone is worth every shiny penny. They’re meant for the drone user that isn’t playing around, making the 3D Robotics expert hardware, software and device capability the answer to your dad’s drone prayers.


Traxxas Stampede 1:10 2WD 2CH 2.4GHz RTR Nitro RC Monster Truck

The monster truck- a favorite of almost every dad. Doesn’t matter if your dad seems like the clean cut type; he’s probably envisioned himself driving a Monster Truck over a hill of dirt as thousands of spectators cheer his name.

Though you can’t find a big enough bow for an actual monster truck – or a big enough wallet too- you can still get your pops the monster truck of his dreams without upsetting your mother. Traxxas is the way to go when picking out brands; its sturdy, dependable and has a great reputation which will likely be the same case for your father once his friends know what you got him this year.



5 RC toys that will make you rethink RCs 

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Okay, so it’s not the latest smart phone or tablet. When you think of RC toys, you imagine a fad that disintegrated from kid’s lives when they finished high school. So it might be shocking to know that this list is actually relevant. It really is. 
RC toys are definitely still around and some of them are the most popular they’ve ever been. RC drones, for instance, have gathered a following the past couple years. Whether it’s the RC racing or the great photo opportunities these drones provide, is really up to the user, but what is certain is that these RC toys you know almost nothing about, are here to stay. That is why the following five RC toys are the RCs you need to keep an eye out for; from drones, cars and helicopters, this is the list you need. So yeah, it’s not the latest iOS app, but it’ll get you off that torn up couch. 
 Supernova Spy Quadcopter 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone with Camera
Sleek, fast and dependable, you would think we were talking about the latest car model. The Supernova Spy Quadcopter is everything you want in a drone, and more. It will make all your
friends jealous- which is bonus points, admit it. The Supernova is perfect for video recording; its built-in video camera includes a 2GB memory card, making it easy for you to record with only the push of a button. Its 2.4GHz transmitter is also a plus; it will give you complete control over the Supernova without any crossover or signal interference. This drone is your go-to for video recording; all you have to do is record something worth recording, and the Supernova will do the rest. 
World Tech Toys Rex Hercules UNBREAKABLE 2CH RTF IR RC Helicopter
 Nobody wants to damage their new RC; that’s why the RC gods gave us the Rex Hercules Unbreakable. Not saying that the other RCs mentioned in this list are incredibly fragile; it’s just
that the Hercules Unbreakable RC Helicopter is best known for being completely unbreakable. This RC can take up to 200 pounds of force; your joker of a friend can step on this, and it still won’t break. That’s some stability there. Its built-in charger charges from the controller; so don’t expect this drone to suddenly stop because of low battery. This is possibly the best choice for any beginner still getting the hang of flying. Embarrass yourself all you want, and this helicopter still won’t break on you- it loves you that much.  
DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter 5.8GHz 6CH RC Drone
So you have this pretty neat drone that cost you a (reasonable) pretty penny. You obviously don’t want to crash it into your neighbor’s lawn the first time you fly it. That is why the
DJI phantom FC40 Quadcopter RC Drone is the perfect drone for just about anybody. Think of it as the poster child of RC Drones for Dummies.  Its GPS and intelligent controls, including fail safe modes, will make your drone flying efficient. We’re not saying this will make you an expert, we’re just saying the Phantom will not fall apart on you just cause you’re not that great at flying. Oh, and did we mention that it also includes an HD camera record video and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi that connects to your smart phone. This drone will make you look good, so, you’re welcome. 
Micro Gear HiSpeed 4WD 2CH 2.4GHz Brushless 1:10 RTR RC Electric Buggy
The Micro Gear Electric Buggy is a great option for anyone who wants to race through a muddy track. Though not a monster truck, the buggy is equipped with an independent suspension, resulting in speed and sharp turns, giving many RC vehicles a run for its money. Its custom off-road rubber tires not only give the buggy the support it needs, but it also gives the buggy the look it’s famous for. Do yourself a favor, and race with this. 
Panther Spy Drone UFO with Video Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter
Looks can be deceiving, and the Panther Spy Quadcopter is no exception. It looks like something out of an action movie; but just because it’s intimidating looking doesn’t mean it’s not easy to use. This Quadcopter is equipped with an adjustable camera, allowing you to take pictures and record, and its built-in SD memory card makes it easy to upload images and videos to your computer. But, it’s not just the camera that makes this a drone to drool over; the Panther also has a 360 degree Flip Stunt Mode, allowing you to execute flips and loops. The possibilities are endless.


The Future is On-Field Airsoft Gaming?

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The future of Airsoft is coming and it is in the form of mobile gaming while playing Airsoft. This bit of tech looks pretty awesome and I think will change the game of Airsoft forever. It’s only going to get better from here so make sure to tell your friends and step into the future today.

“Prefer the physical activity (and force feedback) airsoft, paintball and laser tag provide, but miss the peripheral luxuries of the virtual battlefield? Well, now you can have both — we found a new app at TechCrunch Disrupt makes physical warfare games a lot more like video games. It’s called Overwatch, and it gives any player with access to an Android or iOS device access to player stats, live voice-chat, in-game perks and controllable game modes. One feature stands out in particular, however: real-time GPS-radar mapping the locations of all players on the field.

Naturally, the app’s tracking ability only works out if every player on the field participates, but it shows a lot of potential. In our short demo with the product, we saw an airsoft rifle mounted iPhone actively track our location, betraying the location of an nearby enemy player on a simulated radar screen. Aware of our proximity, the opposing player was able to activate a “perk” to jam our radar. The app’s creator, Josh Moody, explained that the app can also be used to facilitate new game modes.

It’s a neat idea, with one flaw: nobody wants to pull a smartphone out of their pocket while they’re on the battlefield. Moody has an answer for that too: Overwatch has partnered with CyberGun, a major airsoft manufacturer to create durable smartphone mounts (pictured above) for recreational weapons. Don’t feel comfortable putting your smartphone on a gun? The company is making a arm-band, too – both will be available at Walmart and airsoft retailers later this year for $14.99 and $8.99, respectively. The app is available for free on iOS now, with an Android version coming soon.”

In the meantime, until this comes out, you can come visit HobbyTron.com and load up on your favorite Airsoft weapons, gear, and BBs.

You can check out the company Overwatch here.

This article is found on Endgadget here.

Good Morning America Features Unbreakable Helicopters

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“Start crossing people off your list now! Tory Johnson (with Good Morning America) has exclusive discounts on great holiday gifts for everyone on your list. From stylish wire charm bangles to trendy totes for the ladies, to (amazing RC) helicopters,” and more…

Unbreakable RC Helicopters from HobbyTron.com.

Unbreakable Hercules RC Helicopter

“Whether this is for your little one or one who’s young at heart, these remote control helicopters are fun gadgets that zip and zoom through the air. Both indoor and outdoor models are available in a variety of different colors. The sturdy helicopters can take up to 200lbs of force and are ideal for ages 8 and up. Uses 6 AA batteries.”

We have a huge selection of Unbreakable RC Helicopters.

Hercules Series:
Hercules X
Camo Hercules
Glow-in-the-Dark Hercules

Nano Hercules Series:
Nano Hercules
Camo Nano Hercules
Glow-in-the-Dark Nano Hercules

Other Hercules:
Mega Hercules
Rex Hercules

View the article on Good Morning America here.

RC Drones at Hobbytron

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Brand new RC drones are now available at Hobbytron. You will find Drones of many sizes, prices and channels.

These are great for hobbyists that want to get more out of their flight. With 4CH complete control you can fly these drones in all directions. Plus add a camera mount to the drone and recorded your flight, perfect for photography and videography.

Here are a few examples of some of the high tech RC drones for sale.

Hercules Takes Top Slot as the TDmonthly 2014 Toy of the Year

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Toy Directory Online has released their 2014 Toys of the Year and the Hercules Unbreakable RC Helicopter has gained a number 1 spot.

“Forty-six retailers voted to pick the 2014 TDmonthly Top Toy Debut Awards, including Toy Werks in San Antonio, Texas; Indigo Mountain Express in Safford, Arizona; and Epic Toys and Customizing.

“Write-ins for great toys spotted at ASTRA were provided by our intrepid Kid and Retailer Reporters — Kid Reporters Max Mendoza, Balie Bare, Alicia Laguna and Kinzer Ratajczyk; Kate Tanner of KidStop Toys & Books in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Sari Powazek of Doll House & Toy Store Too, also in Scottsdale, and Sallie Kishawa of Fairhaven Toy Garden in Bellingham, Washington.


JUST FUN (46 voters):

1. 30.43% (14 votes) Hobbytron/World Tech Toys – Unbreakable RC Helicopter

2. 23.9% (11) Leading Edge Novelty – Water Dancing Speakers; Yomega – Kendama Pro; Geospace International – Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz; Hog Wild – ZipStix

No third place owing to multiple 2nd place winners”

If you’re looking for the best RC toy of the year for kids old and young, the Hercules is the toy to get. Choose from our many different Hercules options. Pick up your Unbreakable Helicopter today at HobbyTron.com.