Green Drones you Must Buy Before St. Patty’s Day


Don’t want to be pinched for not having anything green? We’ve got some great green Drones you must buy before St. Patty’s Day. You can carry or fly these drones near you to capture your best moments on such a fun holiday. These drones each have their own style and set of awesome features. Excited? Continue reading to see what great drones we have to offer.

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Striker Drone V.S. Barbie

Blog Cover Photo 2.26.16

Well it’s official, Barbie now has her own Hoverboard/Drone. Now all the “Booth Babes” who attend Drone Racing events can participate with Mattel’s new Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard. This new  drone is an effort to include more women in Drone events as well as bring more diverse and futuristic toys to their line. When we compare this new Barbie product with our Striker Drone, which one would you pick?

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Drone Photo Contest in Three Easy Steps

Blog Cover Photo 2.19.16

Hey there HobbyTronFan, did you know that we are currently having a Drone Photo Contest? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well we’re here to explain the contest and the prizes you can win! You’ll submit us awesome pictures and we’ll reward you with gift cards. Read more to see how to enter.

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Hoverboard How to in 6 Steps


We know you probably got one of the Hottest Holiday Gifts of 2015 for Christmas, but we still see some people failing at riding their new Hoverboard. Now that you’ve had your Hoverboard for a couple of months, we think it is time to master your new self-balancing scooter. Keep reading to find out how (and how not) to ride your Hoverboard.

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Giveaway Winners to Celebrate!

Giveaway Winners

     Every week we host a giveaway to reward our amazing fans. You all work really hard to like, comment, and share your enthusiasm for each giveaway week after week. This week, we felt like doing something a little different by announcing the winners through our blog! Want to see if you’re one of our lucky winners? Keep reading.

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