Giveaway Winners to Celebrate!

Giveaway Winners

     Every week we host a giveaway to reward our amazing fans. You all work really hard to like, comment, and share your enthusiasm for each giveaway week after week. This week, we felt like doing something a little different by announcing the winners through our blog! Want to see if you’re one of our lucky winners? Keep reading.

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Quadcopter: 3 Things you Need to Know

Blog Cover Photo 1.29.16

Helicopters, Drones, Airplanes, Quadcopters? What does it all mean? This week we’re clearing the confusion on the very popular quadcopter. This has got to be one of the newest, trendiest, and most popular kinds of drone for sale. If you’re interested, we’ll bring you three things you must know about quadcopters.

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9 of the Best Drones to buy

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With so many types of Drones available today, it can be hard to pick which one to buy. What matters to you most? The size, color, camera, video, blades, or quality? Pick one thing that matters to you about your drone and make your choice based on that. To help you out, we’ve brought you our 9 best drones to buy featuring different cameras, sizes, AR, quadcopters,  fpv quadcopters, and toy drones. Read more to find out which of the best drones made our list:

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Five Toy Drones You Won’t Want to Miss

Blog Cover Photo 1.14.16

Toy Drones are the best way to test the drone flying waters. With so many options, you can easily find a drone to fit your needs. With features such as cameras, super heroes, quadcopters, first person view, mini, large and even indoor/outdoor, there’s a drone out there for everyone. Here’s our list of 5 Toy Drones you won’t want to miss:

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3 Reasons You Should Buy Your First Drone from HobbyTron

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Are you looking to join in on the Drone Revolution? Everyone has one, so that means you should get one too! There are many different types of Drones to go with your needs for your new toy drone. From mini drones, camera drones, indoor drones, outdoor drones, large drones, drone bundles, drones with wheels, GoPro ready drones, and even 4K camera quality drones, we’ve got it all. Still need more convincing as to why you should buy your first drone at HobbyTron? Here are three great reasons to shop with us:

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The One Drone You Don’t Have to Register

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You have to register to vote, drive your car and now fly your drone? Yup, it is true. The FAA requires all drones weighing over .55 lbs to be registered and have a valid label for identification. With most people using drones as a fun way to capture moments with friends and family, this new mandatory registration can be a real bummer. If you’re looking to continue your fun without the registration process, we’ve got one great drone that you’re going to want to consider.

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3 Easy Steps to Register your Drone

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Have you recently purchased a drone that exceeds .55lbs? A new mandatory law effective December 21, 2015 requires all drones weighing .55lbs or more to be registered and labeled in order to be flown legally. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to the DMV to register your drone, but we thought we would give you three easy steps to register your drone. Continue reading…

Three Easy Steps to Getting Featured on

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Are you excited about your new purchase or gift from HobbyTron? We are definitely excited to see that you have our items! We are so excited, that we are giving away a $5 gift card to EVERYONE who posts a picture on Instagram with hashtag #HobbyTronFan now until 12/31/15! Does this sound a little complicated or confusing? Below are our three easy steps to getting featured and earning your $5 gift card prize. Continue reading…