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Model Number: SOFT-M324SR-A

This is the brand new Generation 5 Master Sniper Rifle. UTG has reinvented the most popular Airsoft Sniper Rifle on the market and added all of the best features. Comes complete with a reinforced safety, a new generation bolt, spare magazine, double picatinny rails, UTG Shorty Picatinny Foldable Bipod, a UTG Rifle Sling and a spring operated speed loader. The majority of this gun is metal. Only the stock and trigger guard are ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, RIS rails, bolt and bolt handle) is metal. The gun alone is 6.5 lbs in weight, with attached accessories this gun is quite a handful, with all accessories, it weighs over 9 pounds! Rubber coated bolt handle. Stock length is adjustable by adding 1 to 3 spacers behind the rubber butt pad.

Check out the video of the M324 Airsoft Sniper Rifle in action


  • Long Range High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance

  • Functional adjustable hop-up switch

  • Smooth cocking can be performed with just one finger

  • Ultra low noise firing ideal for sniping campaigns

  • New SILENT Bolt makes this the quietest Airsoft gun around for IDEAL sniping.


  • Generation 5 UTG Master Sniper Airsoft

  • UTG Tactical Bi-pod with Picatinny Mount and Posi-Lock

  • UTG Sniper Rifle 3 Point Sling

  • Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader

  • Two Magazines Included

  • Integrated Front and Top Scope Rail

  • Compact loading tool included

  • Scope NOT Included (Must purchase separately)


  • FPS: 315-325 FPS with .20 g BBs (More Accurate), 450 fps with .12 g BBs

  • Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds

  • Mechanism: Bolt action spring

  • Length: 42-43.5 Inches

  • Weight: 6.5lbs (gun), 9lbs (w/ all accessories)

  • Effective range 150-170 feet

  • We recommend using .20g BBs for more accuracy

This is a Spring Airsoft Rifle, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Also, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest, most durable of all Airsoft Guns, because they're made with few breakable pieces. If you're looking for a fun, reliable Airsoft Rifle that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place.

For questions regarding this product please email our friendly customer service team.

Customer Reviews

Overall Raing: 5 Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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Top Customer Reviews

5 Rating

By: Tomas 06-29-2013

What kind of scope would work on this?

5 Rating

By: Trevor 11-18-2012

You people need to read the description! It tells you everything!

5 Rating

By: Mason695 07-28-2012

good gun but do NOT get it at airsoft station it will cost u 15 more $$

5 Rating

By: Terminathan007 07-22-2012

Just ordered it and I just Can't wait to get it

4 Rating

By: Awesome Guy 07-22-2012

Does this gun come with all the accessories in the pic of the gun

5 Rating

By: Tate (not The One On The Bottom) 06-14-2012

caden, you cant read, i did what u said and went to airsoftstation.com, and it was $139.95, that is not the same price.

5 Rating

By: Call Of Duty T-bag 06-10-2012

looks sweet i bought it best gun ever i am a hard core camper and this is perfect, i am kind of disappointed that it doesn't come with a scope but i bought a new one it worked awesome

5 Rating

By: Mr. Hat 06-09-2012

It says ican us .12 bb's , but the last time it said that the bb's fell straight out of the mag.

5 Rating

By: Sniper1 06-07-2012

i want that gun, but the country where i live it is illegal, if I order it, will I get it or it will be blocked during checkup at the port ?
Help me plz
Thank u

4 Rating

By: Me 05-12-2012

the gun is great but you have to make sure that you keep track of the gold piece in the bolt if it falls out you are screwed

5 Rating

By: Gillie In The Mist 05-02-2012

i need this sniper

5 Rating

By: Airsofter 05-01-2012

Can you please not right anything if your not going to give a review. Saying this gun is epic,beast,or pure awesomeness is not review.So to all you eleven year olds stop writing if you can't write a review not stupid stuff and don't even write something if you don't have the gun that is so annoying.

5 Rating

By: Sniper 04-21-2012

its good but you have to get a good scope.
(scope not included)

5 Rating

By: Overlord 04-19-2012

best sniper ever! super acurate even without the scope it's an amazing gun takes out targets 200 feet easily

5 Rating

By: Gy 03-06-2012

where can u buy the scope

5 Rating

By: French Airsoft Dude 03-04-2012

this is the best sniper you can buy enough said.

5 Rating

By: Caden 02-24-2012

Dont get it go to airsoft station same price but comes wit a scope but its a great gun

5 Rating

By: Rzkool69 02-13-2012

Awesomest gun out there! The distance is great, and it's very accurate.

5 Rating

By: Hotshot 02-12-2012

u get what u get 4 ur money.i recenty went to a outdoor arena and got killed 13 times by this dead arrucurate assuly rifle.Now i want it

5 Rating

By: Tom 02-11-2012

does this come with a scope

5 Rating

By: The Silent Sniper 01-19-2012

GoGoAirsoftGuy where do you play? I'm a sniper too. I could join you.

5 Rating

By: Crunky Sniper01 01-15-2012

how long does it take to ship.

5 Rating

By: Sniper Player 01-08-2012

im a sniper and ve been wanting this gun for a long time well i got it now pur awsome

5 Rating

By: J0jo 01-06-2012

it is awsame

5 Rating

By: Gogoairsoftguy 01-03-2012

Kick butt gun. I actually bought this same gun from a friend, he didnt even open it, his family got him a bunch of airsofts, he likes his new AK so he game me this, its pure epic and amazingnessssss... so yes, get it if you want. im now an airsoft sniper, and a good one at that!

5 Rating

By: Joe 12-16-2011

this gun is amazing and is safe but fun it is a great gun for people just starting airsoft

5 Rating

By: Airsoftmaster 12-16-2011

im an airsoft sniper and this is my favorite gun ever!!!!! it would make a perfect xmas present for people interested in airsoft

5 Rating

By: Tate 12-06-2011

you make the best guns because this is the one i want for my birthday i ask my mom and she said ok!

5 Rating

By: M182 Barrett .50 Caliber 11-13-2011

a sniper is the deadliest soldier on the battle field the only person who could kill a sniper is another sniper enemy soldiers should run for their lives when they find out theirs an enemy sniper

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UTG Gen 5 M324 Magnum Accushot Competition Master Model 700 Pro Army Digital Camo FPS-450 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

UTG Gen 5 M324 Magnum Accushot Competition Master Model 700 Pro Army Digital Camo FPS-450 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

$134.95 | Limited Stock Available

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