CSI L96 FPS-550 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

CSI L96 FPS-550 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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The Spring CSI L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun is the latest and greatest spring sniper rifle to hit the market! Not only does it shoot at an incredible 550 Feet Per Second but it looks amazing too with its polymer body and rear stock. A metal barrel and metal receiver help to make this gun super accurate and super powerful giving you the upper hand in any Airsoft war. It is equipped with a metal cylinder and trigger assembly for durability and reliability. The CSI L96 is one of the all around most accurate and powerful snipers rifle available. The gun is fully upgradeable, light weight, and accurate. Straight from the manufacturer it comes complete with the gun, 30 Round Magazine, Rifle Sling, Speed Loader and all of the hardware you need. This amazing gun can be yours, hurry and get the Spring CSI L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun today.


  • Spring Powered
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Polymer Body And Stock
  • Metal Barrel And Receiver
  • Integrated Scope Rail
  • Adjustable Rear Stock
  • 30 Round Magazine


  • Spring CSI L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • 30 RD Magazine
  • Speed Loader
  • Gun Strap
  • 100 Practice BBs


  • FPS: 550 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 RDs
  • Size: 43.5 Inches

This is a Spring Airsoft Rifle, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Also, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest, most durable of all Airsoft Guns, because they're made with few breakable pieces. If you're looking for a fun, reliable Airsoft Rifle that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun.

Average Customer Rating is 5 out of 5 stars

Name: tyra

Date: August 04, 2013

this gun is a beast git it

Name: Travis

Date: December 18, 2012

I bought a nearly identical rifle to this one a few years ago, and had to put it in storage for about a year. When it was put in storage, it was left cocked and as far as I can tell the mechanism is blown. I want to replace the part, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I need to know what to replace, and where the parts are located on the gun. Are there any online tutorials that I can look into?

Name: Samuel

Date: October 29, 2012

i bought this gun as a 2 year airsoft player. i began airsoft as an assult gunner with a gun from this website but it broke soon with my older one. i then changed to snipers and i have had this one for a year. great for a yard of 1 acre +

Name: wulff500

Date: June 30, 2012

hey i just wanna ask everybody if they Will be able to send this gun to denmark :-D

Name: Revolutions

Date: June 23, 2012

I got this gun and put my 30-06 hunting rifle scope on it and it works beautifully! I beat all of my friends in a war 3 on 1. I would recommend this gun to anyone.

Name: Tkgg

Date: March 25, 2012

Is this the best sniper out there for this price or should I get the utg gen 5 m324?????? Help

Name: A.s.i

Date: February 22, 2012

Is this an awe gun or what

Name: That Guy

Date: February 12, 2012

if it has 20mm rail mount on it then yes most scopes ***** on dis gun

Name: The Silent Sniper

Date: January 20, 2012

Does the UTG Sport 4x32 Swatforce scope work on this gun????? 'Cause if it does, I won't get the UTG Gen 5 M324, I'll get this and the UTG Sport scope. Please respond.......anyone.

Name: snipe revolvness

Date: January 19, 2012

i have a m4 that shoots only around 315 fps, should i get a better machine gun, or just go ahead and buy this while it i s this cheap

Name: rye

Date: January 17, 2012

great gun and it does live up to its fps 440 with .25
and 460 to 490 with .20 so overall its a great gun with great accuracy.

Name: mc sniper

Date: January 11, 2012

cant wate to get this gun anyone know how good the scope is??????????????????????????

Name: STL Precision

Date: January 07, 2012

i got this gun and it is awesome i love it!!! it is perfect and has great rang i recommend this gun to any body who wants a good accurate weapon and i would buy .20 g or higher to have the best accuracy

Name: A!r$0f+ Xpr+

Date: January 05, 2012

its all metal but inaccurate and in my opinion no person should have an airsoft war with snipers
sorry not ideal :-(

Name: lil timmay

Date: January 04, 2012

Will they be able to ship it to ireland?

Name: just me

Date: January 03, 2012

is a good gun my father buy it

Name: pako

Date: January 03, 2012

if you order it with money order do you have to sign the package ? help?


Date: January 02, 2012

Thank you Cameron fog all the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ment for sorry !!!!$$

Date: January 02, 2012

Sory Ment for

Name: cameron

Date: January 01, 2012

OK if you are going to read this at all read all of it please as it will do no good to read part of it, Thx ;)! Ok this gun can ***** a bipod, is verry acurate at long range, I would highly suggest getting a scope 4 it, weighs in at about 8.5 lbs with bipod and scope, has about 450 fps, GET THE OD GREEN VERSION!!!!!, 25 round mag, 1 tactical rail for scope or sight, smooth bolt jams alot if you use bb's that are to heavy or to light, rubber butt plate,plastic aloy body,metal barrel,bolt,and trigger, no iron sight. hope this helped and check out my reniew on the cyma m14 socom ;) Thx if you read!

Name: the anonymous sniper

Date: December 30, 2011

does it live up to th fps? PLEASE HELP!

Name: bammac

Date: December 30, 2011

This is a very good gun. this is my favort gun out of all my airsoft guns......

Name: assassin1

Date: December 30, 2011

my favourite of all my choices!!!!

Name: BoBo

Date: December 28, 2011

This gun is heavy weight and durable it shoots about 600 fps with 23g BBs' I would recommend getting a scope and a bipod from here the gears are really smooth and greased . IT'S THE PERFECT GUN!!!!!

Name: tam

Date: December 28, 2011

How long does this gun shoots?

Name: Blah

Date: December 27, 2011

How much does this gun weigh?

Name: STL Percision

Date: December 26, 2011

Cant wait to get this gun i see no imperfection with it

Name: bk

Date: December 26, 2011

very heavy but relistic feel shoots good

Name: jake king

Date: December 25, 2011

it can have a bipod i have it

Name: WOW

Date: December 24, 2011

***** YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: pimpdaddy

Date: December 23, 2011

wow the best gun i ever freakin had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes the others guns look like a little b***h it is funny whenever you shoot someone with it too watch them struggle to the ground whenever you nail then :^D


Date: December 23, 2011

halo 4the win, THIS GUN CAN HAVE A BIPOD. sorry about the wrong advise yr. halo 4the win, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GUN!

Name: ryan

Date: December 19, 2011

BEST GUN EVER!!!!!!!!!!! IF IT ISNT THIS GUN. IT IS *****!!!!

Name: obi 2 kanobi

Date: December 17, 2011


Name: n8644

Date: December 10, 2011

I am an experienced airsoft sniper and wondering where to find an accurate gun .
is this gun good for me?

Name: awsomeswager

Date: December 08, 2011

yo it is super good and i was so lucky when i both it it was just 89.99 now 99.99 wow but i got i scope and wow is it awsome but just the sling sucks


Date: December 08, 2011

Does it ship to canada

Name: a-man

Date: December 07, 2011

this gun is my favorite gun it is realy accurate with the scope get this gun now

Name: Bt

Date: December 05, 2011

For the scope go to related products

Name: Sam

Date: December 04, 2011

Great looks accuracy power AWESOME GUN BUY IT

Name: trystonvazquez

Date: December 03, 2011

wait is it real accurate and can u get a scope for it

Name: halo 4the win

Date: November 27, 2011

no it cant onb this model but it is stillawsome

Name: yr

Date: November 26, 2011

Can a bipod go on it

Name: Dawesome

Date: November 25, 2011

Its the best gun ever

Name: hr

Date: November 15, 2011

it is the best gun you should get it

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