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BOURNS Series Cross Reference

BOURNS SeriesSpectrol SeriesNTE SeriesDescription
7/8" Dia., 3-Turn, Wirewound
7/8" Dia., 10-Turn, Wirewound
3/4" Rectangular, MT, Cermet
3059Y, 3012Y70Y500-0390
1 1/4" Rectangular, MT, Cermet, Pins
3262W*, 3266W, RJ2674W500-0280
1/4" Square, MT, Cermet, Top Adj
3262X*, 3266X74X500-0260
1/4" Square, MT, Cermet, Side Adj
3296P, 3292P*64P500-0170
3/8" Square, MT, Cermet, Side Adj
3296W, 3292W*64W500-0192
3/8" Square, MT, Cermet, Top Adj
3296X, 3292X*64X500-0215
3/8" Square, MT, Cermet, Side Adj
3296Y, 3299Y64Y500-0240
3/8" Square, MT, Cermet, Top Adj
3329H, 3326H75H500-0300
1/4" Round, ST, Cermet, Top Adj
3386P, 3389P63P500-0070
3/8" Square, ST, Cermet, Top Adj
3/8" Square, ST, Cermet, Knob Adj
3/8" Square, ST, Cermet, Side Adj
3520, 354563X502-0145
7/8" Dia., 5-Turn, Wirewound
3540, 3590, 841A1-B28-J(RC)534-1X-XXX502-0100
7/8" Dia., 10-Turn, Wirewound
1 13/16" Round, 15-Turn, Vernier Dial
7/8" Round, 15-Turn, Vernier Dial

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