Double Eagle AK-47 FPS-300 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle

Double Eagle AK-47 FPS-300 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle

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Join the action with the Double Eagle Electric AK47 Assault Rifle. This marvel of modern airsoft technology has both semi and automatic firing modes so you can go guns blazing or conserve your ammo. The Double Eagle Electric AK47 Assault Rifle has a plastic body but the barrel and top receiver is metal. This well built machine comes with everything that you need to get started including safety glasses, gun strap and barrel cleaning rod.

Electric Airsoft Rifles use batteries as their power source, they're usually fully automatic, and they shoot very fast. If you are looking for continuous fire fun, this is the type of Airsoft Gun for you - just hold down the trigger and watch those BBs stream out, one after the other, in a straight, swift line - which means fun and entertainment, plain and simple. This Electric Airsoft Rifle doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot. This is a high end electric Airsoft gun. Please only use .20 gram high quality BBs with this item in order to keep it in working order. Using anything else as ammunition for this gun will void the warranty and may cause it to jam. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun.


  • Plastic Body
  • High Torque Motor
  • Semi And Full Automatic Firing Modes
  • High Capacity Metal Magazine
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Faux Wood
  • Full Stock


  • Double Eagle Electric AK47 Assault Rifle
  • 1 High Capacity Magazine
  • 8.4V 1150 mAh Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery
  • 8.4V Wall Charger
  • Gun Strap
  • Barrel Cleaning Rod
  • Sample Bag Of BBs
  • Safety Glasses


  • FPS: 300 (use 0.2g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 400
  • Size: 35 Inches
  • Weight: 5Ib (Including Battery)
Average Customer Rating is 5 out of 5 stars

Name: Jake

Date: October 09, 2012

This is obviously not the highest quality gun, but its amazing compared to other guns within its class. It has a very good fps (300 with a .20 for the idiots that couldn't find the fps in the description) which is great for CQB and semi-long ranges. It is pretty accurate from around 30-80 feet, but after that the bbs spread a lot. The hop-up system works well, however the ***** is a little stiff making it a little bit harder to zero in on the perfect amount. The magazine actually only holds 300-350 rounds, not 400, but that is still a lot. This magazine is also compatible with the crosman R76 series in case your mag breaks (like mine did). This gun already has a decent rate of fire, but you can house a 9.6v stick battery if you want an even higher ROF. Though the construction of the gun is mostly plastic, it is really durable. I have dropped this gun many times and so far nothing has broken. The lower receiver, hand guard, grip, and stock are made of decent ABS plastic. Overall, this gun is great for beginner and intermediate players and is definantely worth the money.

Name: fer

Date: May 12, 2012

what kind of aim does it has

Name: The Silent Sniper

Date: May 05, 2012

I hate asking questions on this, but I need a good, albiet cheap secondary. Is the gearbox metal or plastic?

Name: Alex

Date: May 05, 2012

Hey there, how much fps is it?

Name: max mondragon

Date: April 21, 2012

hi i want to know how much is his fps because it didnt said
thank for your attention

Name: Kalashnikov Ak-47

Date: March 17, 2012

worth every penny you spend and second you wait this gun is great i recommend this gun wish i could give it more stars

Name: jcr

Date: March 15, 2012

great gun worth the money

Name: super

Date: March 14, 2012

its the best gun ever

Name: Blablablablablablablablb

Date: March 10, 2012

I wish they lowerd the prises these days,

Name: bob

Date: February 12, 2012

is this gun worth the money im thinking about buying a good ak

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